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In protest of the cuts, workers were chained to DHL in Oreo. Company: Full transition expected

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“DHL promised a discussion table in the province, but it did not turn up by disregarding its promises and commitments – confirms Adel Cubas spokesman, Riccardo Germani -. The strike turned into an unprecedented action: workers were tied up to challenge the DHL reorganization that provides for reduced working hours and salaries and the transfer of Activities to Brescia without a shuttle. Unacceptable conditions for a growing company: workers will be forced to resign or work for 300 euros per month.” 08.54

Regarding the announced strikes, DHL Express specified in a note that “as part of the necessary operational reorganization, which everyone has known for a long time, an agreement has been reached with the Confederate trade unions for the complete relocation of all workers currently employed in the port of Europe:

No separation was envisaged, and a concrete and tailored solution was offered for each worker to individual personal needs, with temporary reduction of the hour and corresponding economic compensation for reduced working hours, with the solemn commitment by DHL Express to reintroduce full-time working hours within the year of transfer.

Moreover, as part of the agreement, economic incentives have been provided to workers who are interested in moving from one workplace to another.”

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