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Legnano Calcio between the shares seized and the expiration of the Stadio Mare management agreement

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What is the future of Legnano Calcio? The question has been circulating around the city for weeks, if not months, and goes far beyond the relegation to Serie A that was sealed in black and white after the 5-0 win over Castellanze’s side. The latest piece of tile has arrived – or rather, become public property – these days, with Taking over the company’s shares from President Enea Benedetto By order of the GIP of the Court of Alessandria.

The seizure dates back to the first half of May, but – whatever the criminal proceedings related to it – It inevitably calls into question at least the continuity of Legnano Calcio at the Stadio Marethe result of an agreement that expires at the end of June and which at the moment seems difficult to talk about renewing: it is impossible, in fact, to assume at the moment that the lilac presidency could sit at the table with the Malinvernie Palace for an extension, at least until the problem is resolved procedurally.

What is certain is that for now The management of the stadium is the only means for the municipal administration to influence the “issue” of Legnano Calcio: «Recently, as in the past, we have always facilitated communications in the event of the entry of new members or potential buyers, also because President Benedetto has always publicly announced that he is available to evaluate these hypotheses – explains sports advisor Guido Bragato -. We want Legnano Calcio If there is a Legnano Calcio that can establish relations with the public administration, it must have a stadium The games are available there, of course after all the necessary checks and verifications.”

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While we wait to focus on potential developments in the company’s story, one thing is certain In any case, Mary Stadium will not be left to its fate If the agreement expires without renewal: in this case The municipality will manage the facility and will be responsible for repaving the turf post Palio, which should have been taken care of by the company for the first time according to the agreement with municipal compensation. “Where they don’t do it, we will do it – stresses Bragato -, obviously through reimbursement funds.”

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