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Italy-Portugal 4-7, 2023 European Rink Hockey Championships Live Streaming: Good Italy gives way at the last minute

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20:07 Thank you for following us and for sharing these feelings with us! Stay connected for all updates! I wish you all a good evening

20:06 So the balance of the Blues is positive after a very entertaining game, where the Blues showed that they can seriously upset their opponents. Here is our story

20:04 A race that ended with a bad taste in the mouth. Italy managed to set the table for the final attack, but Portugal promptly stopped them by scoring two goals in 60 seconds. Blackout does not cancel out the excellent things seen during the match. This Italy can only grow. We remain confident.

game over

0:05 It ended badly with a 7-4 goal signed by Alves. Italy could not bear the pressure after Malagoli’s hoped-for goal. sin.

o: 50 is incredible. Portugal immediately scored the 6-4 goal with Nunes. Italy is incredulous

1 a.m GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL GOOOOOOOL We’re still alive! Malagoliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Put them two steps from the door! One minute to equalise. Be realistic, folks!

1:21 A cold shower! Gonzalo Alves signs 3-5! After a prolonged procedure, Lusitano singlehandedly attempted the low shot fireball. A surgical shot that mocked our goalkeeper. Nothing to do for Italy

2:55 GOOOOOOOOOOOL GOOOOOOOOOOOOL GOOOOL ITALY!!!!! Davide Gavioli recovers the ball and alone takes the ball into the net. Blue dexterity goal for Italy and Portugal 3-4. There are just over two minutes to equalise. Now it’s time for Italy

4:17 Coco invents but the last step is missing. Italy fell by two goals in the last four minutes.

5:12 Souto misses 2-5 by a hair’s width. The Lusitanian misses an inch from our guard.

6:50 Faccin tries to hit the ball well, and it does nothing. But the blues is still alive.

6:55 We see Coco again! Henriques pushes away with a bootleg.

7:50 Portugal accelerates, Italy tries to hold back with errors. Now the score is 8-8. Feature completely disintegrated in this second period.

9:00 Let’s see if Italy responds now. However, the Lusitanians were very good at defusing the Azorean, and forbade almost any kind of construction.

9:50 Unfortunately it comes 4-2 Portugal. The Lusitanian travels on the left, takes advantage of the wide Malagoli signs and slides into the fork with perfection. Italy is very absent in the last minutes

11:00 Nunes from afar! Blue defense postponed! Italy on the run in attack, hopefully in the spotlight in the last 10 minutes. The time is now outside Portugal.

11:50 Soto tried after a good triangulation, his shot fortunately did not find any success.

12:00 Italy must try to prevent Portugal’s acceleration which is always terrible when it starts. Game paused, wet track. high temperatures.

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13:00 The game is now fragmented. Do it in Italy with Barbieri.

15:00 Nunes tries again, but today Sagarya is a wall. Now it’s time for Bertolucci.

15:50 Bruno Sagaria saves Italy once again by expanding and neutralizing the Portuguese counterattack.

17:00 Lusitani’s defense is high and fierce. Italy is unable to maneuver well at the moment. Meanwhile, Italy’s fifth foul, committed by Faccin.

17:40 Do it Italy, it’s the fourth.

18:00 Additional twist is still missing. Italy are playing very well but you should try to take advantage. Draw in hand against Portugal who can hurt at any moment!

19:00 SGARIA ON THE COAST! But what game does our goalkeeper play? Meanwhile, Portugal scores the eighth foul, and the reward is getting closer and closer.

19:10 Faccin target is not allowed! According to the referee, the player scored with his body. No protest among the blue ranks.

19:50 Rodrigues tries to cross. Nothing is done.

21:50 PALO Italy, it’s the second wood! Ebenazar hits between the post and the goalkeeper’s shin.

10:00 PM Sgaria saves Rodrigues!

22:18 Portugal is still dangerous with Costa, the Lusitanian offensive machine is inaccurate in this start until the second half.

22:50 Do it Portugal, it’s the seventh. Gavioli posted by Pinto. Bonus can be achieved.

11:00 PM Portugal is so good! Crazy one-two between Costa and Rodrigues, luckily for us, we don’t understand each other.

23:50 Gavioli tries from distance, very weak shot.

24:00 Not exceptional track conditions: the floor is very hot and gets slippery with sponsor stickers.

25:00 Look at the number of fouls: there are five for Portugal and two for Italy.

beginning of the second half

19:18 Almost everything is ready for the start of the second half.

19:11 We take a short break, then it’s the second half!

The end of the first half. Italy Portugal 3-2. After a very difficult start, the Azzurri got back in the game thanks to two goals signed by Julio Cocu. Now the interval, then the second half of the experiment.

0:50 Portugal is trying to finish the first half on top with the most offensive quintet, the start.

1:30 Nunes are so serious! Italy refuses.

2:00 Good defense for the Azzurri, who are now openly facing the Portuguese. There is room for our children.

2:40 Gavioli was on the verge of running away alone towards the goal, and Portugal somehow recovered.

3:00 We went into the final three minutes of the game, and Italy got back into a game that started in the worst way. Hockey magic. Bertolucci calls a time out

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5:00 Ipinazar From very far, Compagno tries to turn around by taunting the goalkeeper. A failed attempt.

6:00 Magalhaes tries but Sagaria shuts the door. At the same time 4-2 Portugal wrong count.

6:20 A stone was thrown by Gavioli!!! Hernandez pushes it away with a gentle tap.


7:15 Do it Portugal right after the box! The Lusitanians committed three against Italy two.

8:22 After Bertolucci timed out, Italy entered with a different style. There are still minutes to close the gap! Go blue!


10:00 comrade again! But still Henrik. Now it’s Lusitanian time. Italy came out of the blocks very well. We need to shorten the distances.

10:40 Double chance Italy making a great triangle first and then an expansion from Compagno. Henriques deviates.

11:00 Nice acceleration between Gavioli and Campagno. But there is still something to do.

12:00 Gavioli tries on the left side. Nothing to do. Time out in Italy with Bertolucci calling his men. We need to reset my mind.

13:00 Costa misses the poker goal. Meanwhile, there are two fouls for Portugal and one for Italy.

13:50 Great possession of the ball by the Lusitanians, who manage the game very well.

15:18 0-3 Portugal! Elvis is not wrong. The beginning of terror for the Azzurri

15:18 Portugal penalty! shortly before Compagno hit the crossbar.

16:50 The Lusitanians run the game very well, the Azzurri have to blend in. Meanwhile a comrade enters.

17:51 0-2 Portugal! Cinquini misses head-on alone in front of the goalkeeper. Alves in the next prolonged action is left alone and scores the double

18:50 Try IPINAZAR! Finally, serious depression

19:00 Cinquini escapes and Faccin serves, the latter not catching the ball. Inaccurate blues in the last step.

20:00 Good blocks from Portugal, often able to skip the pressure. Do it now from Portugal. Meanwhile, Magalhaes tries again with a fireball

20:49 Do it by Julio Coco

21:50 Alves tries, the defense refuses. Then Julio Cocu plans a good attacking action, but the action wears off.

10:00 p.m. Now the Azzurri should not be upset. Lusitanians closes well, you have to keep your cool

23:55 Lightning goal from Portugal. From a Magalhaes set-piece, a defensive distraction for the Azzurri who believed they had been fouled by the Lusitanians

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Start the first half

18:29 Lineups: Portugal with Henrique, Rodrigues, Alves, Nunes and Magalhaes. Italy instead begins with Sgaria, Ipinazar, Faccin, Cocco and Cinquini.

18:27 Now it’s the turn of the Portuguese anthem. It has spread here also in a non-modern inscription.

18:25 Now it’s time for the national anthem. Engraving from the 20th century selected by the Iberian Organization.

18:24 Sirens sound! The Blues has just entered the track.

18:23 This evening, the big match will take place between Spain and France, both of whom are in Group A, like the Azzurri.

18:21 Two matches in Group B have already been played on the first day of the competition: in the first, Switzerland defeated the United Kingdom 4-0, while in the second, Andorra beat Germany 6-2.

18:20 Bertolucci’s men will have to immediately try to throw their hearts over the obstacle: Great Italy is needed to be able to stop the Lusitans. Good working conditions are all available.

18:15 It won’t be an easy match for the Azzurri, who are ready to face one of the most popular teams in the tournament

18:10 Good evening, OA Sport friends, there are twenty minutes left until the start of the match

Good morning, sports friends, and welcome Live broadcast from Italy and Portugal, the first match of the 2023 European Championship in Roller Hockey, this year on stage in Spain, namely in Sant’Sadorni Danuya (Spain)

It is a very complicated appearance for the Azzurri family. The Lusitanians, along with Spain, are the great favorites for the final victory. It will also be the beginning of the circle of fire. Indeed, after Portugal, Bertolucci’s men will have to challenge France and, more precisely, the Fury Reds, in a group that promises to be particularly stimulating.

Our children So they were already called to the institution, realizing that they can give a hard time to all opponents. Thus, the leitmotif of this continental review will be only one: dare. Don’t look anyone in the face and throw your heart over the hurdle in every match.

The last precedent between the two teams dates back to just a few weeks ago on the occasion of the Goldencat, where Azzurri had to give way to the Portuguese in the final 4-2. But now it will be a completely different story.

OA Sport brings you the live broadcast of Italy vs Portugal, the first match of the Azzurri at Euro 2023. Work after work, goal after goal, so you don’t really miss anything. It starts at 18:30. Good fun!

Photo: FISR

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