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18,000 fake football kits in Naples – Campania seized by Gdf

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On a deposit in the Naples area: they would have made 800,000 euros

(ANSA) – NAPLES, April 26 – A 200-square-meter warehouse with more than 18,000 items of fake Napoli Football Club clothing has been discovered by the Naples Financial Police in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, in the province of Naples. According to an estimate, the commodities could have brought in over €800,000 in profits. The Basque green of the ready-to-use group, which denounced a Moroccan national, is believed to have blocked one of the supply chains of products illegally referred to the Napoli team. According to what emerged from the investigations, the man from the village of Vesuvius sorted the goods to be sold in the areas of the capital of Campania frequented by tourists, such as Via Toledo and Mergellina, the historic center near the Maradona stadium, and in the various local markets in the most populated areas of the city.

Many of the knockoffs had a fake Emporio Armani Ea7 logo along with the Ssc Napoli tag. The man is accused of forgery and receiving stolen goods. (handle).

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