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Dear Juventus, why? Football, the transfer market and Calciopoli: unanswered questions…

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Why: an interrogative adverb. I will put some of them below. that have not found answers yet. But don’t expect them from me. I am not a repository of any truth.

I start with the simplest question: why is Juventus in the Champions League something (even nice to look at), and vice versa that the championship is unwatchable?

It is better to go back in time. Starting with the “basics”. From “The Killer” 2006, the year of Calciopoli.

Why, after consulting DuPont’s lawyer (who advised Juve to go to Strasbourg), then-President Cobolli Gigli (who appointed DuPont) decided not to go in that direction?

Why was the text of this report not disclosed?

Why did Juventus never respond to this (public) sentence by Blatter who thanked Luca Cordero di Montezemolo for “convincing Juve not to go to Tarr”?

Because after Blanc’s season, at his inauguration ceremony, Andrea Agnelli solemnly pledged at the press conference to protect the causes of Juventus at the federal level, after revealing (by defending Luciano Moggi) the phone files, unheard of in Naples. The trial which led to the hypothesis that a crime had been committed by the then Federal Prosecutor against Inter, a position which was not brought to court due to the statute of limitations on the facts?

Juventus submitted a thousand appeals from 2006 to today. And in all places, Sports Justice has always refused to reopen the process. So why did Juventus not revolt at all in Strasbourg?

Post it to this question: I’m not saying that there were no off-seasons. There were: environmental and behavioral. By the whole system. I am saying that the Federal Prosecutor did not respect the guarantees of the defense at the time. Nor was the late extraordinary commissioner’s behavior guaranteed. Juventus can (I think, should) accept the cancellation of one championship (two is deceptive). But he does not accept that the Scudetto remains reserved for others.

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Why, after three years of success (three seasons with Antonio Conte), Juventus enter into conflict with the coach of Salento to the point of breaking up with him? To fight with Marotta? That Marotta that Conte wanted later at Inter? with Parachi? This is the Parachi who (a very recent story) wanted him at Tottenham? so why?

Why did Juventus invest $90 million in a thirty-year-old striker like Higuain at one point? Why are you selling Pogba at the same time to finance the operation?

Why do Juventus (albeit in the context of their nine winning seasons) start tracking a hard-to-read aberration? There are players who do not “guess” and there are. It happens that you take Ilya, hoping that the worn Anelka will serve you, it happens that you will get Malacca, and it happens that you misjudge Kuman to get Costa. It happens that you fall in love with a rabbit like those girls who look so beautiful at the disco. It happens that you are not sure about the physical condition of Ramsey. It happens (in the name of capital gains?) that you welcome Arthur and trade Spinazzola with Pellegrini.

that happens. but why?

Why, at a certain point, does one of the exceptional winning Juventus engineers (Peppe Marotta) become a rogue who should be left out?

Why is the choice with Blanc (one and three) repeated with Paratici (one and two)?

Why would Juventus accept in the (mysterious) Caldara-Bonucci-Higuain swap, despite being guaranteed a contract, that Higuain would move from Milan to Chelsea in the middle of the season, then return him at the end of the season?

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Why did Juventus build a (Romero) operation consisting of a huge loss of capital and eventually even some kind of “joke”? I pay over twenty, I collect 16, and after a season (Jasperini opening) that Romero who had been sold by Paratici at 16, Paracci returned himself (a check from the Bank of London) at 55?

Why don’t Juventus take Haaland for 35 million and spend a month after 45 with Kulusevsky?

Why would Juventus sign a coach like Sarri (pro: the ninth championship in the series for you) that is not compatible with the environment?

Why did Juventus infiltrate the Perugia tunnel, in a story (without criminal implications), but apparently curious as to how it had developed? To take Suarez? This means a central striker: given that Ronaldo is in Turin, the striker did not want to do that? And why is now Manchester, Cr7, doing this: heart attacker?

Why does Juventus at a certain moment think that Ronaldo can make them win the Champions League without understanding that the midfield is not suitable, even in the semi-finals (as it happened) would have arrived?

Cheer Paratisi, why would Juventus go with the Cherubini without thinking of an expert DS?

Do not forget about positive processes. Pirlo, Pogba, Swiss pendulum, Vidal (when unknown), Mandzukic, Benatia, Khedira, Pjanic (Morata, first, I have more than one reserve today), Cuadrado, Dybala, De Ligt, Chiesa. Locatelli. For me (and I know many readers will disagree) Bernardeschi himself. Vucinic, Matri and Pepe are also added. I don’t put Ronaldo in it. But for some reason: With the Elkann chest available, I took it too.

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Why did Juventus enter the Super Cup tunnel? For economic resources, of course. 350 million will guarantee (per season) the Super Cup. Today the Champions League, even in the case of a (unlikely) win, is less than 200. But you stayed in this story, only with Real and Barcelona. With the score now there is Gravina next to Ceferin. With the result that Paris Saint-Germain is now in political control of Europe.

Why does Juventus have a four-year contract with Allegri after he celebrated it? Way to get rid of the responsibility? Allegri is good and will certainly do well. But by the time he’s four, if things go wrong, he won’t lose his job. Others may lose it.

In Portuguese because it is objectionable, “porqué”. So, “porqué” Jose Mourinho can not lose in peace? Why does ‘squeezing’ guano always work so well, especially if he can throw it at Juventus? Here I have the answer. Because despite being a nice ‘straight’, Jose Mourinho, since he started training, has realized that the failures are hidden, attacking the ‘enemy’ the most obvious. In every country he found one. In Italy, as an easier target than Juventus. Amigo Jose: Even in Turin they are “idiots”. However, recently………

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