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After lunch, with the sun, it became difficult.

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The former Barcelona defender, who is now an entrepreneur, told himself in an interview with Paes. Among the topics that were also touched upon was the current situation of the Catalan club, which is grappling with the arbitration scandal

He did the interview at El Pais. Gerrard Piqueformer player in Barcelona and responsible for Kings LeagueHe talked about the current situation of the Catalan club and the judicial chaos between the club itself and Nigerian. “Nothing happened to the players. I never asked for anything. Others I know have asked for opposition reports and some may have done so for referees. I have no idea. It’s a topic that intrigues and headlines.” CosmosGerard Pique, Inc., with RFEF to bring Spanish Super Cup in KSA. The matter caused quite a stir, and even the judge investigating alleged breaches of this agreement asked Pique to hold Rubiales With RFEF to bring the trophy to the Arab country. “It is one of the best operations in the history of the federation and I am very proud of it“.

The relationship with Laporta and his retirement

Much talk about the relationship between Pique and The Door And the former Blaugrana defender admitted there had been tense moments in the past:Joanne and I have always had a great relationship since 2008. We have always said everything to each other. There were moments of tension as in any long, trusting relationship. We are as always, even if a player is retiring there are tough conversationsThen, regarding his reasons for withdrawing, he added: “I was there for many years and each time it was difficult for me to go to different areas. If they put matches at 4:00 pm after eating and with the sun… it was hard for me. I wasn’t motivated, I needed new challenges. I wasn’t having fun and made the right decision.”

Shakira, New Social Research in Pique

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