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Field hockey: Lorenzoni firm bra beats AC Milan 3-0 –

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During the holiday week for the national team, the Lorenzoni Pepper The third match of the Italian league was expected to welcome the Milan team, which reached the first division of the season, and for this reason, it was duly strengthened.

So the President Kalonico girls carefully faced the Eleven Lombards starting with determination and focus on the spot.

Opened braidesi in 10th place with a beautiful goal from Italian-Argentine Valentina Giorgi, a new buyout deal with Bianca Donati in turquoise black who is proving to be a good player in the area and is gradually being included in the black and blue context. On the other hand, Dutchman Faye Kaijer was concerned about the Italian defense line in which Captain Carletti, Ilaria Milito and Alicia de Dio opposed precise control and they continued often with a good restart.

During the second quarter, they maneuvered more in the midfield with Galligani, Totolo and Mizzalera on the shields of the players of Lombard, Donati Soaya and Puyo Lorenzoni. There is an impulse on both sides to which Alina Fadeeva in particular is responding with great responses.

In the third quarter again, Georgie, who is already dangerous for a strong blow that was neutralized on the opponent’s goal line, materializes with the second personal observation. Completed scoring in the last quarter of the year, Raquel Huertas coolly converted a penalty she got with a brilliant counter-attack from Lisa de Blasey and offset an inconclusive test with physical issues.

Positive reviews of coach Perino The good response from the youngsters, in particular Rebecca Piccolo who put on the midfield, Veronica Bassi and Sabina Chiesa who, despite her young age, show knowing how to enter the field without any dread.

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On Monday 1 November, the Coppa Italia matches will be played in Augusto Lorenzoni in Brazil. 11.00 Lorenzoni vs Cosa Pisa, at 13 Cose Torinove, Milan. At 3.30pm, the two losers will face off and at 5.30pm the winners will continue into the third round.


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