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Press Release: Walther Prazision Robot Tool Changers Improve Safety and Control in Welding and Material Handling

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Walther Robot Tool changer with WASI 2© control, sets new safety standard for robot welding and material handling…

Walther Robot Tool changer with WASI 2© control, sets new
safety standard for robot welding and material handling…

(Haan/Stuttgart, Germany…September 13, 2010) More and more robot system operators require compliance with the new safety regulations for machines and systems as set out in EN ISO 13849-1, which became an industry safety requirement early 2010. As a result, even subsystem controls, as are used for robot tool changers in automated robot systems, must fulfil the additional safety requirements stipulated in these regulations. The required safety level is determined by safety-relevant characteristics such as, accident hazard, severity of possible injuries and the statistical failure probability. The safety level to be reached, the so-called “performance level”, is the measure of the system or component safety.

Early on, WALTHER–PRÄZISION adapted the components of its robot tool changing systems to the market’s safety requirements. They have focused the development of their latest tool changer control, WASI 2©, consistently towards the highest possible safety level. In reaching the performance level (PL) “e”, the WASI 2© system is the top performer among tool changers, and is well suited for use in automated systems. At the AUTOMATICA 2010 in Munich, Germany the market-leading system was presented to the public for the first time.

The way WASI 2© works is highly effective, i.e., during tool changing outside the protected tool parking station (robot cell), an emergency stop function, integrated into WASI 2, prevents the locking mechanism from releasing. If an error message occurs, it is only possible to restart the system, after it has been enabled. Consequently, an uncontrolled disconnection is safely ruled out.

An enable signal, however, will only be given in the safe area. The connection cycle and thus the safe operation can then be resumed via the robot control.

These safety properties ideally complement the Robot Tool Master line, tool changers developed by WALTHER-PRÄZISION, featuring the market’s fastest tool changing time of about 2.5 seconds. The compact and modular designed tool changing systems may be equipped with various connector elements for a wide range of fluid and gaseous media. Also, a large number of signal plugs, measuring lines, power and welding connectors as well as connectors for Profibus and Profinet, which are also available in a fibre optic versions, can be integrated.

The compact design and light weight quality of the Tool Master series shift the centre of gravity of the tool by only 96 mm, allowing any robot to be operated with extremely high accelerations. Owing to its light weight, the tool changer helps to increase the service life of robot and it can be used in restrictive or cramped installation spaces, thanks to its slim and contoured design. At the same time the load capacity is enormous (Tool Master 500 = 16 kg static load for 500 kg tool weight, Tool Master 1000 = 30 kg for 1,000 kg tool weight)!

Today cost-effective mass production, quick cycle time and rapid new product introduction would be unthinkable without these flexible tool-changing systems. In the automotive industry, for example, robot tool changers are used for hemming, gripping, bonding, screwing, welding, stud welding, clinching or riveting. This technology and its benefits are now increasingly sought after outside automotive manufacturing, for applications such as; packing, mounting, material handling, loading, filling or palletising.

Integrated and modular designed tool parking stations that match the tool changers needs are also available. The low-maintenance system has a long service life, even under heavy-duty conditions.

The combination of the two (robot tool changer and parking stations) provide the user with a competitive advantage package that includes; the fastest tool changing time, infinitely adjusts to perform all machine tasks, proven rugged, reliable and extremely precise, and while at all times, maintaining the highest possible industrial safety standards for the user.

For product inquiries, presentations and application recommendations please contact:

Lou Speziale at;

Spez-Tech Engineered Fluid Power Technology

Tel.: 905-828-5579

Fax: 905.828.8189




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