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House – Awakening Evil Review

House – Awakening Evil Review

Well packaged and with all the right stuff and plenty of quotes, but with no real “want” comes the female reboot of The House saga – Evil Awakens. Review by Daniela Catelli.

In recent years we have seen the return of horror to our screens, and this gives us great pleasure, as fans of the genre, because where there is quantity, quality can be hidden. In short, among the sands, you can also find some gold nuggets. However, in this renaissance of horror cinema, originality often lacks: except Scream, whose descendants are always fun because of its “meta” structure that allows for constant story updating, the writer is less convinced of the need for constant re-readings, reboots, sequels, prequels, retellings, origin stories and more about these classics. so he said, House – awakening evilGo back to explore the world you created Sam RaimiAnd Bruce Campbell And Rob Tapert For more than 40 years (!), With An unpublished female look at the subjecta stifling environment and a few outdoor spaces (except for the prologue, which is not quite in line with the rest but is linked to the denouement that sets the stage for a possible continuation), which gives the audience the satisfaction of a certain amount of irony, overt and hidden quotes Ed. Hectoliters of bloodas befits a story whose protagonists are practically indestructible demons, who take control of their victims’ bodies by dismembering them and can kill them (so to speak) or at least neutralize them just by literally tearing them to shreds.

In some ways epic evil dead She remained associated not only with Raimi’s films, but in general with the body horror of the 80s, with its deformations and transformations of the body. It is impossible not to think of cenobites Hellraiser and movies Frank HennenloterTo the sadistic demons who celebrated the corpses of their victims in dozens of films of that period. The human body is used by the “dead” as a living doll, populated by entities that grant no respite and make Lucifer, Pazuzu, and the Beautiful Company seem like amateurs (so to speak), whose hunger for souls translates into an insatiable appetite for sons and blood. This time, though never named The Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead reappears, serendipitously found after an earthquake in the bowels of a rundown Los Angeles apartment building, hidden in a basement full of religious symbols and objects, retrieved by the impulsive teenager’s habit and uttering a curse of listening. to old vinyl records. An interesting item, which refers to “analog prehistory” of the sort to which Sam Raimi’s illustrious predecessor now belongs. And there are many such references, from the scene with an eyeball to the saw, that personally, despite the skill of the protagonists (especially Lily SullivanAustralian like Alyssa SutherlandAnd the little newcomer Neil Fisher) gave us some nostalgia for the absence of Ash/Bruce Campbell, who does appear in a visual cameo, but only made some noise for the original version.

The story is about Beth (Sullivan) returning home to her sister, whom she hasn’t seen or heard from in (very) long time, that she doesn’t even know her husband left her with three people. Children who must be raised in a run-down apartment within an apartment building about to be demolished. On the eve of the move, he showed up at her door to ask for her help as he always did, as he found out he was expecting a baby. But when all hell breaks loose, Ellie becomes the mother who wants to devour her children and all their condominiums, and it will be up to Beth, who has always leaned on others, to shoulder the responsibilities of protecting her grandchildren. Scattered in the movie Various visual and thematic quotesWhich does not necessarily refer to the series as a clear tribute to the director Lee Cronin To the classics he loves: Two in particular from before shiningone obvious and the other less obvious but just as obvious, while the Beth/Kassie dynamic suggestsAliens With Sigourney Weaver and the little girl (there’s also a ginger cat, just to remove any doubt). More than just ash in a skirt, remember Beth Ripley, the heroine who fights alone against monstrous aliens (their ultimate goal is the same: not to be devoured).

One of the beautiful axioms of the film is the recent clumping of bodies that made us rethink Community to Brian Yuzna, another visual suggestion that Cronin and his (very good) makeup and FX artists decided to introduce is a novel element compared to the powers of the dead. certainly House – awakening evil is a good horror, perhaps better than average and (as far as we are concerned) a clone of Faith Alvarez And it has all the right elements to appeal to a younger audience. But who saw the original version and its sequels Sam Raimi (ie the usual, now hated Boomers), it’s good he knows we’re (still) a long way from those levels.


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