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Fuel frenzy, distributors start turning off the lights

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Gasoline and diesel prices go up and everyone loses, including distributors operators. Start thinking of concrete ways to save.

What we are going through is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary and difficult moments forworld economy. The demonstration is going on the path of speculation and produces the fact that despite the amount of oil and gas It is always the same, the price rises more and more due to a stage dictated by social and political instability. One of the most effective thermometers can be read Gas stationNow trapped by price shock and fear of running out of fuel. a paradox This frightens the Italians, who have to recharge their cars every day to go to work or to maintain a normal life, and thus pay through their wallet the decline of raw materials and the war between Russia and Ukraine, as is the case with other commodities such as bread.

Gasoline prices, what you need to know


Although many believe that it is the owners or operators of gas stations who make the money, the truth lies elsewhere. As mentioned a few days ago before Confcommercio Vijsk Cesenaoperators earn 3.5 cents (gross) for every liter of gasoline or diesel sold, so they end up in cars consumers. Thus, there are no particular changes for them since prices have risen significantly and no gains are made for managers who, on the contrary, risk closing and losing employment rates.

Fuel price hikes, gas pump operators protest


The Government headed by Mario Draghi In these hours he works on buffer measures and activates behavior. Trade unions are calling for managers to take immediate action, potentially touching many of the popular and sought-after excise duties. But interventions can also be relevant value added tax.
The time It has passed but the managers are currently thinking of a way to stop the very high costs: da Monday The lights of the systems will turn off, in mode Self service, serve yourself In the Night. But it is not inconceivable that other measures will be taken to protect the jobs of gas stations, which are currently at risk of poverty.

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