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X-Men, a famous mutant site that actually exists in the MCU? Insider is giving fans a Christmas present

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After the sensational information was leaked online on A movie that was never made of the X Men with Beast and Wolverinefamous RPK fanatic and covert Daniel may have just revealed a big detail regarding the highly anticipated reboot of the saga in the works in Marvel Studios.

Information posted by Insiders indicates this There is already an important location from the X-Men saga in the MCU And he will serve as a main setting in two Marvel Cinematic Universe films that will be released in 2024: according to Daniel RPK, in reality, Celestial Tiamut’s body remained, ‘stuck’ in the Indian Ocean during the events of the film eternalwhile The island came to be called Genosha And this new land will be located in both Captain America: New World Order it is in Lightningwhich will hit theaters a few months later between May 2024 and July 2024.

Fans of the X-Men comics will already know this Genosha is an important part of the mutant world: In its history of liberation, in fact, the island was initially a place where mutants were imprisoned and enslaved, and thus represented the first attempt at a true mutant nation; Finally, it also became a place to die when 16.5 million of the island’s mutant population were exterminated.

Daniel RPK rumor predicts that in Captain America: New World Order The world’s governments will understand Huge deposits of adamantium on the island. Meanwhile, at Lightninga team of heroes will be sent to Genosha to purchase this precious metal, which, as you know, is also a coat of arms Wolverine skeleton and claws. This information may also match Rumors about Thunderbolts and new super-soldiers: It doesn’t seem difficult, in fact, to connect the dots and connect the search for them New Super Soldiers to Adamantium and then to Weapon X..

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Will it really be like this? we will see.

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