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Jobs in Quebec, recruitment days

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Journeys Quebec France Selection events Realism Apply for jobs in Canada.

Current version available Over 400 Job opportunities for many companies interested Recruitment of new resources To be hired. Recruitment will take place between days 13 and 18 June 2022.

There is access to exams Free And there is a time limit until applying May 29, 2022. Here you can find out about Jobs in Quebec and how to participate in recruitment days.

Quebec Days for Jobs in Canada

The days of Quebec – Journeys Quebec – are International Recruitment Events Targeting candidates from the European Union, the Schengen area and the United Kingdom. They allow job seekers to meet companies from a variety of disciplines interested in new hiring. You can find a job on Jooble.

Recruitment days Held online And is organized by the Quebec Government in association with Montreal International, Quebec International and the Drummondville Economic Development Association.

The 25th edition Journeys Quebec France. They are involved About 50 companies With operational offices in French Canada. Jobs target Hiring qualified staff And covers a variety of fields, including education, information technology, engineering, catering, administration and health services.

Open positions

Current open positions for working in Canada Over 400. Here is a summary of many The stats you are looking forDivided by the insertion field:

  • Management: Telecommunications Sales Agent, Customer Service Technical Agent, Sales Representative, Training Consultant, Administrative Assistant, Process, Risk and Control Consultant, Purchasing Manager;

  • Finance and insurance: Senior Financial Analyst, Senior Director – Valuation Consultant, Senior Director – M&A Transaction Services, Director – M&A, Transaction Services, Senior Information Security Consultant;
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  • Education and social services: Early childhood educators, elementary school teacher in English as a second language, high school math and science teacher, primary school teacher in special needs education, social worker, psychologist;

  • Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering Technician, Mechanical Project Manager, Project Office Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Automation Director, Electrical Designer, Mechanical Designer, Electrical Engineer, Electrical;

  • Catering and accommodation services: Cook, Chef, Sauce-Chef;

  • Video games and visual effects: Technical Architect, 3D Programmer, Artistic Director, Technical Director, Video Game Designer, Video Game Developer;

  • Health services: Assistant, Assistant Nurse, Community Pediatric Operators, Medical Physicist, Laboratory Technician, Speech Therapist, Oncology Radiologist;

  • Information and communication technologies: Programmer Analyst, Functional Analyst, PHP Developer, Java Developer, Hardware Designer, Data Architect, Communications Technician, Devops Specialist, Cyber ​​Security Consultant.

Companies and Work Offices

Available jobs are located Different places French Canada, especially in Quebec and Montreal. In between Companies Looking for new collaborators to join the selection effort includes Alitia, Clinic, Levio Consulting, Deloitte Canada, Cofomo and Aztec Canada.


To apply for a job in Canada and participate in the Journées Québec you must meet the following General requirements:

  • Being a citizen or resident of a country in the EU, Schengen or the United Kingdom;
  • You have professional experience in the field you are applying for.

And the requirements are high Specific Defined by each placement.

Behavior of recruitment days

Recruitment for Quebec Day trips to work in Canada takes place Virtual. They have online interviews and will take place over time June 13 – June 18 2022.

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It is necessary to access it Signing in On top of that Site Dedicate yourself to the initiative, create your profile and apply for one of the available jobs. Companies will evaluate the applications submitted and if successful, they will send an email to the applicant Call for an interview.

Information networks

The Quebec government organizes many things Information webpages To provide candidates with all the information about the initiative. The Online dating They explore a variety of topics, including beginners to exams and the work world in Canada and Quebec, vacancies and how to take the exam.

The Upcoming information sessions Will take place in the following In your place:

  • May 17, 2022 (18:00): The online meeting is in French and is organized by the Directorate of Immigration Services in Quebec, Paris. To participate, you need to click and register This link;
  • May 18, 2022 (6.30pm): Online meeting, organized in Italian and French by representatives of Quebec in Rome and you must register by clicking to participate This link.

How to register

Those interested in participating in the Journées Québec recruitment days for jobs in Canada Page Dedicated Open positions. From here, they can follow the steps below: Select the job offer you are interested in and click on “”Postular”(Apply)> Register at the online system dedicated to the recruitment event.

After registering, you need to do the following Steps:

  • Create your own profile and complete the capability profile;
  • Sign up for the “Journées Québec FRANCE” mission;
  • Specify available dates for job interviews;
  • Submit your application online (in French).
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We remind you that the deadline for registration is set May 29, 2022.

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