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Fire at Alpetronic in Bolzano and airspace closure – News

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In Bolzano, the entire factory of Alpitronic, the world leader in electric vehicle charging stations, caught fire on Via di Mezzo ai Piani. The fire broke out in an area where renovation work was taking place and spread quickly. There were no injuries or victims. The airspace over the city was closed. The fire is now under control. The size of the smoke plume is now very small. To follow the firefighting work and identify any new hotspots, firefighters used a drone, which also immortalized the size of the fire.

Firefighters placed hoses towards Isarco to pump water to put out the fire. Firefighters are battling the fire from all sides using ladder trucks to ensure adequate water supply, and water is also being drawn from the river.

“The only precaution that should be taken is to keep windows closed nearby. The fire brigade and technicians from the Environment Agency are on site.” This is what the municipality of Bolzano informed ANSA. “There are heavy fumes in Bolzano due to the fire. It is recommended to keep doors and windows closed and to turn off air conditioning and ventilation systems,” South Tyrol Civil Protection reported.

to know more ANSA What is Alpetronic, the world leader in electric vehicle charging stations – News – The company was initially founded in 2009 by four engineers (ANSA)

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