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The Amici dell’Acquario association resumes its activities after the Christmas holidays with a new round of meetings

Genoa – the first Wed flag expected new year On January 11 at 17.00 – dedicated to A Journey to Madagascar: Nature, Biodiversity and Human Aspects. The meeting will be an opportunity to deepen knowledge of this beautiful African island which is at the same time one of the treasure chests of the planet richest in biodiversity and one of the poorest countries in the world.

To tell about the natural aspects of Madagascar and the research and conservation projects of some species of reptiles that the Aquarium of Genoa has been involved in over the years, including one dedicated to the common spider turtle (Pyxixs arachnoides) which are regularly played in the structure, will interfere Fabio Mattioli, structural biologist. Intervention will follow Angelica Crotini, biologist of the Department of Biology, Faculdade de Ciências, University of Porto, Portugal (video link from Porto, Portugal), is one of the most important researchers specializing in herpetology in Madagascar. The speaker will talk about the results of the latest genetic studies on Malagasy reptile and amphibian species, some conservation projects in a controlled environment for the survival of some critically endangered species and the importance of studies Off-site That allows the study of conservation measures aimed at protecting the ecosystems of Madagascar with interventions in nature.

Addressing the human aspects Umberto Valente

Addressing the human aspects Umberto Valente, previously holder of the Chair of Surgery at the University of Genoa, founder and director of the Department of Transplantation at San Martino Hospital in Genoa, and then instructor of surgeon at Le Polyclinique Universitaire NEXT in Antsiranana (Madagascar). It is a hospital located in the north of the African island that provides health care to the population and is equipped with operating rooms, first aid, outpatient clinics and an intensive care room. It also houses the Faculty of Medicine – co-founded by the NGO NEXT onlus – of the Antsiranana State University where Professor Valente works as a volunteer in training new generations of local doctors.

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The meeting and all subsequent meetings in the calendar will be held at 5 pm in the Aquarium Ballroom.

Free entry until all available seats are filled.

For information: tel. 010 / 2345.279-323, [email protected];