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Palermo, potential formations: space for newcomers

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After spreading to Palermo in Serie A with Reggiana, Stefano Di Benedetto sent some new faces onto the pitch in his second cup match against Torino. The coach, confirmed on the bench waiting for the official coach, gives space for the newcomers to put minutes on their legs a few days before the tournament kicks off.

defense: Pigliacelli Heading toward emphasizing the door, with Massolo ready anyway. However, it appears twice for the first time in the fourth line: Nedelcearu He takes charge from Lancini, who was injured in the last game; On the left, instead of Crivello, Di Benedetto should give space to the young man room. then confirm Bataru And the Marconi.

Medfield: After an excellent performance against Regina, bruh He takes the starting spot again in the middle of the field, with Damiani not at his best yet, but he will be able to take over in the second half. Intermediate captain will complete de rose.

attacks: Let’s start with confidence brunori, That after a hat-trick will be confirmed in the foreground. But in the trocar, it may be Stupa and Elia’s turn who should let Fella and Floriano catch their breath. On the right side, there is no doubt: play Valente.

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