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Edited by journalist Valentina Bucello. Space and Space: Youth of the Future. With us is Heidi Garcia Canizares, a wonderful young student who loves space.

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An interesting space pen is that of the author Heidi Garcia, who has been following SpaceX for some time, where the goals are always many, and this is how she tells it through her first book entitled “SPACE SPAZIO ULTIMA FRONTIERA”.



A tale of the places where the latest developments at Kennedy Space Center took place And in Starbase in Boca Chica, ed. This book is a tribute to SpaceX The leader who flies out of the atmosphere, into that space that is now truly our last space border. The author has raised an extraordinary achievement, raising the bar higher and higher, Towards the ambitions of scientists, engineers and space enthusiasts. Those who have “They can't think of anything more exciting,” Elon Musk said, referring to himself Instead of going out there and being among the stars.” As a young student, she combined her commitment to study and work during her career University and postgraduate courses. Always passionate about the robotics, technology and space sectors. With his passion at the heart of aerospace engineering, he is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Florence, where he graduated Robotics and automation engineering at the University of Pisa shows talent Natural sciences in the field of space robotics. Coordinator of the Scientific Publishing Network “CUENEWS”, a reference point For scientific, technological and economic information in the engineering sector. a A network of 10 sites plus a synergy of other linked sites that touch all Branches of the engineering sector, including two sites dedicated to the economics and engineering sectors finance.

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Heidi says: “We have, for example, the Biomed |CUENEWS website where they are published Articles on biomedical engineering. Then there is Space |CUENEWS, which includes all… Topics on aerospace engineering. Likewise we have other sites Dedicated to various branches of engineering: IT, mechanical, marine, etc. A network containing thousands of articles and ideas that includes dozens of important articles and ideas Cooperation in the international arena. I deal with the management of these channels, especially writing and publishing Popular and scientific articles. Therefore, we publish scientifically on topics that cover the entire sector Engineering and beyond.

Heidi Garcia, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I participated in some important initiatives like “EUROAVIA Pisa” where I was there President for a two-year term from 2019 to 2021. EUROAVIA Pisa is a non-profit association based at the affiliated University of Pisa To EUROAVIA, the European Association of Aeronautical Engineering Students, which has The task of organizing events and activities for young university students during visits to Leading companies in the aviation sector, conferences, agreements, projects and cultural exchanges, Social events. All registered members have the opportunity to participate in events Organized by EUROAVIA in the international context. She has an important goal to do Synergy between students and leading companies in the aviation, aerospace and engineering sectors defense. In 2022, I was appointed Honorary Member of EUROAVIA Pisa, and that was it for me Unique emotion. I'm a computer engineer, and I've always been involved in robotics, Aerospace and new technologies.

Can you tell us about the book?

My first book entitled: SPACEX SPAZIO ULTIMA FRONTIERA, KENIS EDITIONS, It's about SpaceX and the people who made it, the people who revolutionized the space world Aviation sector. The book opens a scenario of interesting chapters such as, for example, A reusable rocket concept that provides space and commercial sectors An economical and efficient in-orbit solution with less potential for environmental impact space, especially by reducing production and launch costs, Which led to a strong expansion of operations within the context in which The private sector is playing an increasingly important role. The book raises important and interesting topics about the development of space exploration. First and foremost, the history of SpaceX, which is a unique project where challenges have been met It developed into unique victories to this day. The text describes the origins and notable moments Which cemented SpaceX as a leader in the “new space race,” through… Especially the emergence of new technologies pioneering the future. An adventure that began in the years 2001/2002 and continues to this day The development, which was mentioned in the book, published on December 1, 2023. From the company's history to dreams of exploring Mars (and beyond) And what will happen in the future of space, we go from the founding fathers to the pioneering rockets From Elon Musk's company.

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Future project?

In the drawer is a project in the field of Aerospace Robotics that will try Ambitiously planning an autonomous robotic mission on the planet Achieving some basic goals. It is a research and study project that I am participating in a job.

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