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Dialogue between science and church tomorrow in Rome

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First of a series A series of four conferences Dedicated to a topic of great global importance: “Technological innovation is a tool for paving paths to peace”. Today, these areas are stimulating and transforming entire sectors, with particular impact on the environment, economy and society.

The conference aims in particular to respond to a call Pope Francesco To sign a statement asking all stakeholders and representatives of civil society to adopt ethical, educational and legal principles in the development of artificial intelligence.

The event, which he promoted Senator Lucio Malan, Chairman of the Foreign Direct Investment Group of the Senate, will witness the participation of distinguished figures in the sector, including Corrado Sorge, Director of Innovation and expert in artificial intelligence and digital communications, Davide Piccolo, Director of Innovation and expert of the Vice President of AP, Vincenzo Galotto, specialist in IT law and new technologies. , Giuseppe Desideri, Dean of the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences at UniCampus ETG in Geneva, Esther Fiocco, President of AIMC (Italian Association of Catholic Teachers), and Luigi Di Salvia, National President of Religions for Peace. The event will be moderated by journalist and writer Luca Caruso, together with Don Gianni Fusco, professor at LUMSA Catholic University, and director and producer Gion Colendricai.

But how can technological innovation and artificial intelligence promote global peace and stability?

One of the main ways in which technological innovations can promote peace is through… – Facilitating communication and cooperation between countries. Digital technology and communications networks enable the rapid and efficient exchange of information and ideas, reducing barriers to mutual understanding and facilitating dialogue between peoples. Moreover, technology platforms can be used to enhance public diplomacy and peaceful conflict resolution, and provide spaces for dialogue and negotiation between conflicting parties.

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Moreover, technological innovations can Promoting economic and social developmentCreate jobs, reduce inequality and improve people's quality of life. A prosperous and inclusive economy is often a prerequisite for achieving stability and peace, and offers positive alternatives to violence and conflict.

These considerations must be balanced against the fact that technological innovations are not a panacea, but rather that they do exist, as advantages, as well as challenges and risks, such as the improper use of technologies for war or coercive purposes, the spread of disinformation and hate online, and the exacerbation of social and economic disparities.

the event Technological innovation: a tool for paving paths to peace The conference aims to find common solutions, while respecting the ethical and moral aspects of the use of artificial intelligence and its technological development, which has an increasingly decisive impact on the daily life of contemporary society.

During the conference, exclusive videos related to the work of VideoCatechism of the Catholic Church, which represents an important example of technological transformation in the cinema and multimedia sector, will be shown.

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