Home entertainment On Netflix, a drama that is a hymn to love and the ability to redeem itself: an intense and beautiful story.

On Netflix, a drama that is a hymn to love and the ability to redeem itself: an intense and beautiful story.

On Netflix, a drama that is a hymn to love and the ability to redeem itself: an intense and beautiful story.

Discover the review and watch the trailer for this drama film on Netflix, based on a romantic novel, which was a huge success with the audience.

on Netflix “There is a very interesting and intense film adaptation of the novel.”Znature“It was published in 1937 by Tadeusz Dolega-Mostowicz and quickly became an editorial sensation, with the second part released two years later.

Titled “Forgot love“, released in 2023 as the director's debut film Michel Gazda Which it produces MS production And Endemol Polska. He has the daunting task of bringing one of the most famous Polish novels of all time back to the small screen: “We want to give the story a chance to reach audiences around the world. The novel is an immortal title for Polish popular culture, and the challenge for me was enormous, especially at a historical moment like this when we all need powerful stories about the power of goodness and destiny.“.

However, this version remains very faithful to the text of the novel, with only a few changes that are key to making the story more contemporary. Over two hours of this emotional drama with actors little known in Italy but well known in their country Leszek Leshota, Maria Kowalska, Ignacy Leis, Anna Szymanczyk And Mikolaj Grabowski.

It is highly appreciated by Netflix audience and also by web users. Let's see what happens above Google The evaluation rate was 94% while on the approved review and evaluation site IMDb Rating: 7.5 out of 10. Very explanatory Tractor From the film is available on Youtubewhich represents a perfect overview of the historical setting and all the interpretive intensity of the heroes, with whom it is impossible not to sympathize.

A film that keeps audience expectations high through its narrative of love, social redemption, doom and rediscovery. An almost classic structure, it embraces and does not disappoint the expectations of those who want to enjoy a lesser-known drama compared to the more famous titles of this genre.

The story is inspired by the writer's visit to the village of Radotki, where he met a person named Rozycki, who received and treated many people every day at the water mill where he worked. Many preferred this “charlatan” to doctors, considering it expensive and less reliable.

This is no coincidence Plot The film tells the story of a respected doctor and father of a young girl, Rafal Wilczor, who became depressed because his wife was abandoned by another man, so he drowned his sorrows in alcohol.

We are now in Poland at the beginning of the twentieth century, where social discord was also strongly felt. One evening, while leaving a bar, the man was beaten, robbed, and lost his memory. And so he begins to wander until he reaches a small village where he begins working as a farm worker with a different name and identity.

However, his past as a respected doctor is not forgotten. For this reason, Rafale will continue to treat people but without clear qualifications to do so. In fact, one day, the local doctor took him to court on charges of illegal practice, accusing him of being a mere “charlatan.”

But from here also begins his journey of personal recovery, especially after his meeting with the young woman Maria.

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