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Meeting with Director Ken Loach to view the old oak tree

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Wednesday 15 November At the Nuovo Cinema Aquila at the end of the show at 5.15pm

Meeting with director Ken Loach

For preview

Old oak

The British director’s long-awaited new film, a contender at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, also premieres at the Dear Theater in the Pignetto district, In theaters starting Thursday, November 16 thanks to Lucky Red. On Wednesday 15 November, at the end of the show at 5.15pm, Ken Loach will answer questions from the audience. Actor Julio Meza is moderate. In collaboration with Logos and Parco delle Energie.

THE OLD OAK (Drama, UK/Belgium/France, 2023; Director: Ken Loach; Starring: Andy Dawson, Dave Turner, Ebla Marie; Duration: 113 minutes)

The Old Oak is a special place. Not only is it the last remaining pub, it is also the only public place where people can come together in what was once a thriving mining town which is now falling on very difficult times, after 30 years of relentless decline. The pub’s owner, TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner), is barely able to keep going, and the situation becomes more dire when The Old Oak becomes contested territory following the arrival of Syrian refugees who have been relocated to the village. TJ forms an unexpected friendship with a young Syrian woman, Yara (Ebla Marie). Will the two communities be able to find a way to communicate?
The Old Oak is a poignant drama about loss, fear, and the difficulty of finding hope again

Ticket price is 7 euros.

This event is promoted by Roma Culture. Information and programming –

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Meeting with Director Ken Loach to view the old oak tree

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