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Films Rafaela Cara, the singer who said no to Hollywood

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Cinema was the big dream and it was also the beginning. Rafaela Cara He made his debut when he was only eight years old. past tormenta melodrama signed by Mario Bonnard. appeared under his real name, Raffaella Bellini, she played the daughter of a seamstress and a bandit, who wanted to run away with them and who eventually sacrificed herself for them. At fourteen years old Valeria is not a serious girll Guido Malatestain which she was the teenage sister of the protagonist, and in the same year, 1958, she appeared Europe at night for mr Alessandro Blasetti.

Raffaella wants to do acting starting from the main road. In 1960 he graduated from Centro Spermental: a variety of productions followed, from peplums (Wrath of the Barbarians, Ulysses Against Hercules, Macistes in the Land of the Cyclopes, Pontius Pilate, Julius Caesar) to comedy (5 Marines for 100 Girls, Don Juan of the Cote d’Azur(passing through anomaly films)Green years sin). Then there is the beauty 43’s long nightl Florestano FanciniSister plays Gabriel Verzetti.

In that career compressed into ten years, the great missed opportunity stands out: Mark Bellocchio He wanted her with her Gianni MorandiBut it did not pass. The first major role comes with classmates to Mario Monicelli1963. She is the sister of a worker who slaps the professor Marcello Mastroianni, which holds him morally responsible for the death of his brother during clashes with the police. For director Raffaella, “she had a great opportunity to be a serious actress. Because she had a temperament and a great ability to control it. Italian cinema lost the opportunity to depend on another actress.” Rafaela A. said: Anna Maria Morey to RepublicIn March 1994: “It was, and still is, a great movie. Marcello Mastroianni? I didn’t know him: they introduced him to me on set, the first time. It was he who helped me: “Rafaela, real, hard slap. I’d rather one slap, for one sequence, than a dozen slaps, repeated a dozen times. I did it with the letter, sending the spectacles ten feet away. I was so young, I knew nothing about politics.” : Making this film affected me deeply. I come from a working class family, and I’m working on a story like a story companions Somehow he gave me back the pride of my roots. I’ve never felt so beautiful and elegant as in that movie’s outfit.”

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In the same year he turns too the terrorist to Gianfranco Diposio, the film is a re-enactment of the resistance to the gun. Rafaela, twenty years old, joins in Gian Maria Volonte. Two years later it was his turn Colonel Von Ryan to Mark Robsonproduced by 20th Century Fox on a $5 million budget, ranks among his greatest acting successes Frank Sinatra. The only woman in the main cast—she is the lover of a German commander, who is to be murdered at a small railway station in the Froscinet district—hits fifty-year-old Sinatra and the Hollywood major who takes her to Hollywood, when she returns she is bored. In 1965, here she is La Celestina P…R… to Carlo Lisani.

It’s the alien halo in a sci-fi parody Your Super Agent Flit with Raymond Vianello (1966), Commendatore Nerio Bernardi’s Elderly Woman in French Saint takes aim (1966), variant of Michelle Mercier in Red roses for Angelica (1966), Wife Lando Bozanka in Polygamous career (1970). But the evidence for the cult is in the adaptation of the novel George Skrapenko The “Special Flower” case: a shopkeeper and intended victim, she is the protagonist of a sadomasochistic prologue in which she appears naked and has black hair.

Ten years have passed, Rafaela in 1980 is a TV star, she flies to Argentina with her choreographer Gino Landy For a comedy film designed for the Latino markets. Kara plays herself in practice and kitsch triumphs. Barbara, which has remained unreleased in Italy, is a musical with forays into the genre, in which he first takes out a gang of thugs, mocks soldiers and policemen, and puts his own spin on the line. All this in Argentina under the dictatorship of the 1980s.

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The TV diva becomes and continues to be a cinematic appearance and inspiration. in Good morning, evening to Mark Bellocchio2003, shown by the televisions everyone turned on, in the years of bullets, including members of the Red Brigades: in Aldo Moro’s hideout watching But what an eveningWhere he sings and dances tango. A terrorist whistles to the tune.

Venice 79, Penelope Cruz and ‘Colossal’: ‘I was touched by this drama in front of the kids’

Latina muse, Cara is loved by the Spanish and South American public. In Spain, she was a priestess of liberation, beloved by the gay world who elected her world godmother, for Pedro Almodovar “It wasn’t just a woman, it was a way of life.” Lucaa piece by Raffaella Carrà specifically dedicated to the amorous disappointment of a boy who turns out to be gay, enters the soundtrack of the soundtrack Poem of love and hate to Alex de la Iglesia.

In the 2020 Italian-Spanish film Dance danceDirected by Nacho Alvareza musical based on Rafala’s songs. Adiós Amigo, Tuca Tuca, Ballo ballo, Happy birthday. Caliente, you start making love.

‘L’immensità’ by Crealis, Penelope Cruz dances to the tunes of ‘Rumore’ by Rafaela Cara

finally Emmanuel Kerales Makes it embody who Penelope Cruz in the movie immensityin which the young family danced Unleashed to the Notes Noise: “Rafaela is a beautiful person, as a little girl I used to sing and dance to her songs, she was an important woman, for me and for Emmanuel, the one I admired the most”. And just a day with the children they rehearsed and danced Noise And she confessed to the director her admiration for Rafa, so they thought together about her interview, “On that exact day the producer came and told us that she had died, I did not believe it. It was sad, but this movie also pays homage to her.”

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The Lucisano Group announces a series on the life of Raffa “I am really happy to announce this project and to be able to collaborate with Raffaella’s heirs, as well as the fruitful partnership with Umberto Massasaid the producer Paula Lucisano. “We are excited about this new adventure, because it allows us to represent a unique figure in the world of entertainment. A legend who has influenced entire generations, an artist who has managed to attract audiences of all ages, genders and cultural levels. Her extraordinary popularity has transcended Italian borders and made her a symbol of music and customs in every part of the world. And in the world we will bring it.”

Daniel Luchetti Signature Refaaa documentary will be in it Room only from 6th to 12th July. A film about the public and private history of a legend that has overcome all cultural and generational barriers, entering the collective imagination with its explosive energy. Luchetti says:You can just fall in love with Raffaellaunreservedly surrendering to her energetic grace, solemnly declaring herself an innovator, she often changed her identity without ever betraying her own desires.

“The Great Beauty” won a BAFTA – Highlight of the Party

The eternal success of Raffaella Carrà’s songs is also attested by its many adaptations. Probably the most popular You start making loverenamed to make loveWith a little stroke of genius Bob Sinclair. Paolo Sorrentinowho selects the song for the memorable party sequence Great beauty. viewer puts it in Create sweet dreams2016, the star rocks to the tune But what music maestroinitials of Seventies song.

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