Home science Feruli, summer school is back, a space for young researchers

Feruli, summer school is back, a space for young researchers

Feruli, summer school is back, a space for young researchers

Veroli asserts itself as an attractive pole of science and research. This year too, in fact, the Summer School for Optimization, Big Data and Applications (OBA), now in its third edition, has been scheduled. The Summer School will be held from Monday 4th to Friday 8th July.

The novelty of this third edition will be determined by the presence of three prestigious companies as official sponsors: DEIX from Milan, representative of Rome, Intuendi from Florence. The issues that will be addressed in the school days will be relatedArtificial intelligence and big data. The lessons will run for eight hours daily and are held by four world-class professors: Alessandro Ferri, Professor at the University of Genoa, Claudio Gentile, a Google researcher, Peter Fraser, a Cornell University professor, and Andrew Gordon Wilson, a New York University professor.

Summer school has a limited number of participants. Only 40 young researchers will be accepted. This limitation did not slow down the recordings, which are already numerous. The fact that some students have already participated in previous courses is significant, a clear sign of both the scientific depth recognized by the summer school and their satisfaction feruli As a city capable of hosting students in an area of ​​historical, artistic and natural beauty.

It was a bet that started six years ago, thanks to the idea of ​​my wife Stefania – says the professor. Marco Sciandrone – Bet won at scale thanks to the infinite potential of feruli And Ferulani, who supports the organization with great availability and pride. The summer success was the choice that made me think bigger feruli: In fact, almost everything is ready for the construction of the scientific conference center “Alan Turing”, which will be responsible for organizing scientific events throughout the 12 months of the year. Veroli will become a scientific reference point like Erice. This is my commitment as a Ferroli lover.”


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