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European stock exchanges remain frozen, and gas prices have fallen to new lows

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(Il Sole 24 Or Radiocor) – Make sure the climate is uncertain European stock markets who seek, so far in vain, ideas to end the recovery that is beginning to beWorst year since 2008. At the moment, the main indicators of the ancient continent are moving around parity, from FTSEMIB In Milan, even the French CAC 40Passes through Dax 30 In Frankfurt, with FT-SE 100 In London the only positive exception. And so the annual balance sheet remains negative: global equities have, in fact, lost about a fifth of their value since January 1 (-20%), while bonds are down 16%. On currency, the dollar rose 7%, supported by pressure feed itWhile the 10-year Treasury yield jumped by more than 3.8% (from 1.5% at the end of 2021). Meanwhile, Piazza Affari considers politics and awaits approval budget lawwith the vote of confidence postponed to tomorrow, December 29, while the Treasury Department exchanges up to 5 billion with the issuance of BTP for a period of five years.

at braking price petroleum Despite Russia’s decision not to sell crude oil to countries that adopt “price limit:: February WTI futures fell half a percentage point at $79 a barrel and the same delivery on Brent crude at $83.7 (-0.7%). Meanwhile, the price of Gas Normal, which in Amsterdam marks a new low since February 21, fell 4.4% to 76.5 euros per MWh.

FTSE Mib Stock Exchange Performance


In Milan, cars and facilities are poor. Cold market on future mps

On the Milan Stock Exchange, dominated by uncertainty from the start, sales punish facilities in particular in this first part of the session with HeraAutomotive sector (weak CNH Industrial) and the banking sector, from Bob Air Bank to me Mediolanum Bank. Speaking of credit institutions and banking risk scenarios, the market at present is still cold even Mps Bank Where, according to press rumors, shareholder Mef was going to return to talks with other Italian banks in light of possible mergers and acquisitions after Rocca Salimbeni’s €2.5 billion capital increase. On top of the main roster, they gain ground instead amplifierAnd the Interpump group And the David Campari.

Spread confirmed with Bund at 211 basis points

The eurozone government bond market traded on the computerized Mts secondary market confirmed a slight increase and decrease Margins Between BTPs and Bunds remains unchanged compared to the previous day. After the first deals, in fact, the spread between the 10-year BTP standard and the same German maturity is indicated at 211 basis points, the same level as the close of December 27. Yields were down slightly: the Italian 10-year note was quoted at 4.60% from 4.62% on the eve of the final. The yield on the Spanish 10-year Bono is 3.55% (3.56%).

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