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What will happen to Chiellini? Without the World Cup, the Azzurri center could immediately bid farewell to football

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Renovation with World Cup views. This was from my perspective Giorgio Chiellini When did he last extend his contract? Juventus. It will end, as of today, in the year 2023. The Blue Life of a Commander of a Thousand Battles – in fact, 115 battles, including Wembley – will end without a Honors Match with the resounding defeat of Macedonia. Let’s see if he takes the field in Konya against Turkey, in a match that no one probably wants to play, let alone see: we’d rather not think about it. However, the impulse, to score, can give him data in particular: for him, it means the presence of the number 116 in the national team. He would make it to Pirlo, and enter the top five among the most-attended blues of all time, a race behind De Rossi. Regardless of the statistics, a piece of history has already been written. Now we have to understand if anything else can be closed in blue.

What will Chiellini do? It’s a question that’s hard to formulate in a moment of extreme bitterness, let alone ask the person in question. It was said that the contract with Juventus would expire at the end of June 2023. On paper, he could / should continue for the next season. But for some time, his priorities clearly became blue: between the eighth match of the Champions League final with Villarreal and the match on Thursday, then playing only in the last minutes, for example, he did not hesitate. This season he played only 17 matches in the white and black shirt, of which only 12 were at the start. there old ladyFor his part, he found in De Ligt a new, equally belligerent defensive leader. We’ve talked about retirement a few times: one season, the next, breaking in two halves because of the World Cup to follow as a spectator, probably isn’t worth playing.

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