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GRiD, a multi-purpose public space in Singapore

GRiD, a multi-purpose public space in Singapore

GRiD is an ambitious architectural redevelopment project located in Singapore. It is a modern shopping mall and educational center specially designed with the younger generation in mind.

Placed among reliable School of Arts (Sota) And some of the historic shopping arcades, GRiD is an excellent example of reusing existing buildings, providing a valuable alternative to more expensive (energy-wise) demolition and construction.

The innovative approach of the design studio spark It turns the corner of the GRiD into a real attractive “beacon”, both visually and in terms of functionality.

The post-industrial aesthetic, marked by neon lights and high-impact utilitarian graphics, helps create a unique experience for visitors – and is nothing more than a cultural acknowledgment of the bright, groovy atmosphere that characterizes some of the traditional venues in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

One of the key elements of the intervention is the construction of the new ‘Social Staircase’ in front of SOTA, which acts as a driver for the flow of people towards the vibrant restaurant buildings located in the basement.

A welcoming and multifunctional space, The Staircase is designed as a gathering place for friends to watch shows on screen or to enjoy live performances or other events hosted within GRiD.

The opening of GRiD marks an important turning point in Singapore’s architectural and commercial landscape, demonstrating how positive transformation can breathe new life into existing buildings and create a dynamic and attractive environment for new generations.

The SPARK approach is a reference model for the sector, promoting sustainability and respect for the urban heritage.

Architects. spark @sparkarchitects

Photos © Studio Zeros


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