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Will Ferrell turned down $29 million for Elf sequel: ‘I couldn’t lie’

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There are many roles that can make the actor recognize him young and old, and Lowell Ferrell is the role of Buddy in Elf – an elf named BuddyAmong them, certainly. But then why doesn’t he want to come back for the sequel?

Elf is one of the Christmas movie Most appreciated by nostalgic millennials, critics even greeted him discreetly at the time of his theatrical debut. In addition, the film generated excellent box office receipts of $220 million.

but then Because Will Ferrell didn’t want to go back for a second seasonEven when he was offered $29 million to do so?

According to James Kahn Ferrell wanted another director for Elf 2 Because he didn’t get along well with Jon Favreau, but there Eurovision Song Contest star He recently explained to THR microphones that He wasn’t satisfied with the script and wouldn’t be able to lie about it.

I should have honestly promoted the movie, which would have meant ‘Oh no, it’s not a good movie. I couldn’t turn down all that money’‘”Tell”I said to myself, can I say these words? I don’t think so, so I can’t make this movie.”“.

And you, what do you think of Ferrell’s choice? Let us know in the comments.

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