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Amadeus Spins the Bag, the Great Weakness of His Life: His Career in Danger – The Democrat

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Amadeus and the great flaw he carries inside. This is what the host himself revealed in a recent interview

If there is a conductor who in recent years has managed to significantly increase his success, it is without a doubt Amadeus. His career, after a period of blur, has gained great vitality thanks to the roles that have been entrusted to him in recent years. The conductor found a more than unifying dimension in RAI, as he became one of the most relevant figures. Thanks to the remarkable work he has done in recent years, Amadeus has shown great professionalism but also unique skills, allowing him to conduct one of the most important events in the country for three consecutive years.

Amadeus (web source)

The ‘Sanremo Festival‘, in fact, bears Amadeus’ signature of three prints at the bottom. An extraordinary success, it was also rewarded with numbers that proved RAI was right to trust Amedeo Sebastiani (his name is in the registry office). And so the music success that came from the festival, with the explosion of Maneskin as well as the victory of Blanco and Mahmood this year. In short, the work was significant and rewarded the public broadcaster with no less significant ratings.

That’s why, for now, we’re talking about what could be a fourth Amadeus. The public will be happy, but it is also the leaders of RAI who fully trust him. This was also understandable during moments of exchange with the press, as Amadeus was repeatedly identified as the new bebo budu. And if someone thought having Fiorello was central to his success (with two consecutive editions in conjunction with Amadeus), the 2022 Ariston stage showed that Amedeo succeeded even without a fixed shoulder.

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Amadeus and the great weakness he brings with him

Amadeus (web source)

And so in recent months there has been a lot of talk about the character of Amadeus. Of course, this host was not only new to the audience, but also a petty love affair with him Giovanna Civitello It was the subject of media gossip. The two love each other very much, and this aspect is often emphasized even during interviews.

However, there is something Amadeus carries inside. weakness pointif that is said, obviously that too It affected his career. He talked about it himself during a recent interview with Vanity Fair Microphones. This is all explained starting with the missed tribute to Stefano Dorazio from Poohs in the 2021 issue.

I have a flaw: wanting to do too much. Being from a Southern family, I’ve always tended to overdo the compliment to make guests find plenty to eat,” and so the host began explaining it. “I’ve always wanted to do so much—the 26 singer was a way to help start the music playing again—” Amadeus explained. But the danger is leaving important things on the street, and I’m sorry for that.”

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