December 11, 2023

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hockey. A narrow defeat (7-6) to Carrefour Alice in the second division championship

hockey.  A narrow defeat (7-6) to Carrefour Alice in the second division championship

Grosseto: triple was not enough Leonardo Ciobi to allow for Carrefour Alice Grosseto to leave the runway unscathed Viareggio Cgc (Final score 7-6), on the 10th day of the Italian Serie B championship, the boys coached by Fabio Bellan went into half-time 4-3, after the first half as champions, as goals from Ciupi and Giusti allowed them to reach 3-1 after 11 minutes of play.

But Viareggio, from 1-3, reached 7-3 in the 36th minute, with a hat-trick in the second half. After Ballestriere’s goal, a new game began for Carrefour Alice: Riccardo Prozzi started a 7-6 comeback for Grosseto’s side with 1’07 left in the game. Pambalone’s blue, 11 seconds from the end, sent Riccardo Bruzzi to the penalty spot, but the captain was unable to score a free kick before equalizing. The red and white formation showed a good game, even if they pushed back abstinence by almost half allowing CGC to win the match.

Cgc Viareggio Carrefour Alice Grosseto 7-6

CGC VIAREGGIO: Poli, Peruzzi Squarcia; Cesti, Pambalone, Pasottili, Balestrieri, Antonini, Faccini, La Pieta, Cosani. Coach Gino Marabotti.

Carrefour: Del Viva, Saletti; Bruzzi, Giusti, Casini, Ciupi. Coach Fabio Bellan.

Referee: Massimo Nocifero.

NETS: in part 0’36 Ciupi, 0’47 Balistreri, 5’29 Ciupi, 10’57 Giusti, 11’18 Balistreri, 13’54 Pampaloni, 19’19 La Peta; In St. 6’31 Antonini, 7’17 Antonini, 10’35 Balistreri, 11’27 Bruzzi, 19’33 Ciupi, 23’53 Bruzzi.

Temporary expulsion: Bambaloni (2), Barsottili, Brozzi, Justi.

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