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Canada, woman confuses chat and calls police in UK: rescued from burglary (same)

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Alarm capable of reaching distances of more than five thousand kilometers. That is what happened to a woman from Durham CanadaHe contacted police in Durham after noticing a man had broken into the house. England. Despite the sea distance, one mistake saved her life. There Police The woman’s request was granted in English. Thanks to the readiness of the police, the woman was tracked down and misidentified: after contacting her Canadian colleagues, the man was arrested 30 ‘few meters from the house.

The girl was raped in first class on a flight from the United States to London

A police spokesman Durham When contacting Canadian Ontario authorities (in the UK), the caller explained that he had opened a direct conversation and they were immediately dispatched to the scene. The battered woman needed treatment. The man has been arrested on a charge of trespassing and assault.

Inspector Andrea Arthur, head of the Durham Police Control Room, said: “This is an extraordinary incident and a very painful situation for the victim, but the team remained calm and was able to help our Canadian colleagues resolve the situation quickly and professionally. We will do everything we can to help.

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