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Meeting room in Cordoba for youth

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Watch a gallery, study, play ping pong or play any board game; Dance, listen to music or ask for advice. All this and much more are the possibilities it offers Youth Hostels, the most obvious face of Youth delegation. Since the mid-1990s, headquartered in Field Mother of God. But his first location was the building on the street AdarfWhere is the Andalusian Youth Institute now located?

“Planneo Córdoba Joven è Youth meeting place in Cordoba, sensitive and open space for Suggestions and requests One of the youngest young people in the city,” reads the message given by the mayor Youth delegation. Fixed physical location, but From where all actions are run This delegation is at its head Cynthia Bustos Promote, encourage, reinforce, grow, develop.

Human team working every day Get Youth programs and projects become a tangible reality. List some of those that have been implemented and others that are active which also need constant updating; following:

Music can be heard at Casa de la Juventud in the training rooms

hostel services

hostel resource bank Through which the youth of Cordoba have various materials at their disposal, More than 1000 references. Before each initiative, the youth delegation produces from to Camera, camping gear, tools, stages, microphones… In addition, you can also from Resource Bank Reserve available spaces inside the house.

Among the available rooms visual artse Chroma room (for audio-visual projects), Dance halls and theater (with the novelty of installing bars for ballet practice), e Meeting Room. In addition to red room s yellow room Customized and adapted to band test, or a group of friends who started to care about her. Another place to have fun is garden behind the house, with space for practice dance as well as with Street Workout Garden o gymnastics e Tavoli Da Ping Pong. The staff of Casa de la Juventud commented that they were pleasantly surprised by the welcome these structures received among the youth. “We didn’t know table tennis could be so popular! ”

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Dancers installation provides better service for dance lovers

The hostel is also used exhibition space. Any young man from Cordoba can carry out an art project They have a space to display their work to the people of Cordoba. every year, On average, 12 guys like it From this opportunity presented by the youth delegation.

One of the most vibrant places in the house conference room. IAny young person of a certain age did not spend hours “studying” there? You can refer to their schedules and the rest of the activities World Health Organization.

Finally, within services, hostel Youth Information Center, Presence Requests for information of a very diverse natureFrom scholarships to training going through cultural events or career guidance. Moreover, the youth cardFor Andalusian youth between the ages of 14 and 30.

Nuria RuizThe young investigator points out that “All communications from the youth delegation are managed from this centerIt stands out as one of the most important services, the channel cable And by subscribing to Infoalerta’ newsletter you can easily receive by e-mail, as well as select topics of interest to you, allowing people to receive Only the information that interests youNuria Ruiz Spiega.

The street exercise park has been very well received

A house with a lot of history

Now, thanks to the work done by the historian Gonzalo Herreros, you can know better Everything that happened inside the walls of the inn. In fact, a board will be placed with a summary of the most important information collected.

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The first known occupation is the first Franciscan IIIthat moved Madre de Dios Monastery in 1602. For more than two centuries, the company has remained in this pocket until In June 1808 it was looted by Napoleonic forces and used as a barracks. Although there was an attempt by the Franciscans to recover, In 1835 they were completely excluded and the monastery was separated.

after becoming crystal factory For two decades, the building has been Obtained from City Counciland use it as a file refugee status request The church also remained open. This will be the year 1864. A century later, In 1970 the church led by Virgen de los Remedios was closed for worship. Most of the paintings and altar drawings have disappeared.

From what was this monastery now, The southern monastery corresponds to the Reception and Social Emergency Center; While the north is the current inn. The history of our city, where the future is shaped by the youth of Córdoba

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