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“When I was young I was a carpenter and a storekeeper Ceccherini? He lives like a hermit and only drinks water” –

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to Valerio Capelli

“It Looks a Lot Like Paris,” a bittersweet story about a divided family. Director: “I'm rediscovering my feelings and classic comedy is suffering.”

Rome “It was the first time I had left the club,” says Leonardo Pieraccione. “I was hooked on clowning.” In his movie On the road,
“It looks a lot like Paris.” (opening tomorrow in 450 theaters vs. 01), it shifts toward sweet and sour, but it's more “sour” than sweet.

Deviation because comedy is no longer attractive?

“The public has become discontented. Their visibility has been shortened, after three months of comfort at home, and it is comedies that suffer the most, because superheroes or floods are thought to perform better on the big screen. But even laughing alone or among 500 people is another thing.”

Is Pieraccione any different because he's approaching 60?

“I've always been afraid of feelings and emotion. Instead I got excited. “I wrote the script with Alessandro Riccio specifically because he had never seen any of my films before.”

After fifteen films…

“I made my debut thirty years ago with”Graduates“, recounts the concerns of a thirty-year-old man who declares that he is out of the loop, and perhaps I will be consequences Let's see what happened to him and others. Then the beautiful love stories of 40 year olds with closed doors and I wondered, will they live happily ever after? When I was 50, my daughter Martina said to me: 'You were a father who could have done so much more.'

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And now there is a cruel and sarcastic father.

“…Nino Frasica, retired professor. Absent, angry, almost blind, he has had a third heart attack, and is half dead. And then the idea of ​​a trip to Paris took shape with the three children who had lost each other, a trip together, Chiara Francini and Giulia Bevilacqua, in a carriage. But they never leave my stables. Father sees the lights of Pisa at night and says: Paris is always beautiful. We don't know whether he believes it or not, it doesn't matter. The nice thing is that he finally opened the door to smiles.”

The bitterness between them subsides.

“A friend said to me after the inspection: Do you know that I should start talking to my sister again? If this movie serves as a jumping-off point for a family after a Christmas gone bad, I will have made the best movie of my life. Yesterday, my teenage daughter said to me as she brushed her teeth before bed with the brush in her mouth: Look, I'll always be there for you. The film is based on a true story dating back to the 1980s. I saved it in a drawer as a bold theme. But if I had not made this film, it would have been against me.”

It's a story about regret and what's left unsaid about family. How did things go at your house?

“Even when I stopped studying, very early, my parents looked at me as a good boy. I worked as a warehouse worker for five years, then worked in a carpentry shop. It was a way to make me understand that life for non-graduates was difficult. Meanwhile, my father found me a job as a guide at a bank. For those who came from a humble family, a permanent job was preferable. “I told him I had a hard time imagining myself wearing a guide uniform, and he understood me.”

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When he started becoming an actor…

“My parents never mentioned that I won the Superenalotto. They always made me feel grounded. “Now I have my mother, who still looks at me like I'm 14, and judges me for the way I act with my daughter and with Laura, my daughter's mother.”

He was lucky.

“We laughed a lot at home, we lived in a working-class neighborhood in Florence, and I have tried all my life to reproduce the sound of that laugh. I felt like I was in a group my friends».

Nino Frasica is not the first person we have come across as a rude and sarcastic father.

“If someone is born a comedian, they suffer like a beast if they don't. I asked him: Do you want to lie down in a dirty cart? Comedians have the colors of drama, while the opposite action does not. The result is that when De Niro, one of the five best actors in the world, plays a comedic gangster, he is no longer himself, he loses his naturalness. Deaf l “petty bourgeois” or “Detained awaiting trial” He deserves two Oscars.”

Ceccherini is the bad guy.

“Now a lay priest, he lives in a small village above Pistoia, drinks almost nothing but water and coexists with a dog, even sleeping with him. Since he worked with Garrone on writing ” “I'm the captain”terrified that he would have to leave the dog so he couldn't take it on the red carpet in Hollywood.”

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