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Simon, a former football talent, dies at the age of 20

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Usual commuting, working from home. Seventeen kilometers he now knew by heart. But the other night Simon Borini’s car journey, unfinished after 21, stopped against a low wall on Via Fratelli Gualande, not far from Albuccione in Citiville di Gidonia. For reasons not yet ascertained, her car suddenly lost control of her vehicle at about 1:30 a.m. between Tuesday and Wednesday, which overturned and hit the raft block fence of an electrical substation.

A fatal trace left him no way out, not even after a desperate ambulance ride to Umberto’s first clinic in Tivoli Terme, I arrived at once. But his heart stopped beating forever at 3.45am while he was lying on a stretcher waiting for surgery.

the hotel

On the wall, signs of damage, on the asphalt, Toyota Aygo pieces and rubble: the reasons why Simon slipped in fear is not yet clear. Speed ​​under charge, but also fatigue, perhaps falling asleep after hours of service in a bar in the center of Tivoli. It’s hard to think that he had drunk or used drugs, “Simon – as those who knew him say – was an athletic man, a healthy, well-balanced boy.” An external autopsy was conducted on the body of the twenty-year-old, and the body was made available to family members to attend the funeral, which will be held this afternoon at Santa Maria Church in Seattleville. At least for the time being, it doesn’t appear that any items have emerged that could think other vehicles were involved, but weapon investigators are looking for witnesses and any images recorded by video cameras in the area, especially those in the health zone next door in the area where the accident occurred. .

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The child would have turned 21 on April 21, leaving his mother Stefania and father Elio. He was the youngest in the family, he had two older sisters. He graduated from Palombara Sabina Hotel School and since last December has been working in the pub “Ariston” in the center of Piazza Garibaldi in Tivoli. Last night he had disconnected about a quarter of midnight. “I’ll be back,” the last message to the mother, then collapse when they were just a few miles from home.
The accident occurred across Fratelli Gualandi, in Gidonia, at the height of the former health district. Sabrina’s memory.

“it was good”

Sabrina, from Bar Ariston, is still in shock. He can’t believe Simon is gone. They were together until a few minutes before that he had waited for her to shut down to say good night. “Simon was a boy who was always available, in a good mood, always smiling and really very nice – he says. This was his first job. But he knew how to deal with clients because he had such an attractive personality. He was appreciated by all clients. We are shocked.” Perhaps Sabrina was the last to greet him. It was a quiet evening between work and chat and laughter. It was clear, it was fine. ‘Doubtful friends.’ ‘Simon – remembers a dear friend – knew how to stay close when in trouble. She was deep and not superficial. Solar and sensitive » The mayor of Gidonia offered his condolences on behalf of the city to the boy’s family.In the capital, she is the twenty-fourth victim of a traffic accident.
Messages of condolence and closeness to the Borini family from the world of amateur football have also arrived from the entire region north-east of Rome, from Gidonia to Tor Lubarra. Simon had taken his first steps with the ball at Asd Setteville Case Rosse, from school football to Juniores, winning the class championships at Giovanissimi, Allievi and Juniores Provincial.

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