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In Canada, an opposing fan saves the life of a hockey coach: he is diagnosed with melanoma

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We are in Seattle, precisely on the ice rink, playing professional league hockey. Hosts of Seattle Kraken and Vancouver Canangs on the pitch.

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There are Cragan fans behind Vancouver, in particular Nadia Popovici, 22, who mentions that there is a mole on the neck of a Canucks coach, which could be melanoma.

Nadia, who works at the Suicide Crisis Center, has a lot of medical experience and is trying hard to attract the attention of Brian “Red” Hamilton, a Canucks coach known as Red because of his red hair.

Red does not return early because he is involved in the efforts of opposing fans to concentrate on the team that is on the bench.

But Nadia emphasizes a message on the display of her smartphone, in which she writes:

“The mole on your neck may be a lump. Please check with the doctor! “

Red finally understands and points to Nadia’s thumb. He could not have done it, but the Canucks practitioner actually went to the doctor and had to diagnose that he had malignant melanoma and remove it immediately.

Thanks to Nadia at the beginning of the diagnosis, but, if she had waited, the Canucks coach might have died in 4 or 5 years.

Now Red Hamilton seeks out Nadia, who writes him a moving letter thanking him for saving his life.

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