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“Minister Chilaci? He understands nothing about public health »- Corriere.it

“Minister Chilaci?  He understands nothing about public health »- Corriere.it
From Elvira cira

Senator BD about his colleague: “A mistake in removing masks in hospitals. Nevertheless, he is a good radiologist. And in “Agora”, the deputy head of the Rambeli Chamber said that the government will not relieve doctors of their obligation to use the muzzle in the hospital and in the Rsa.

Minister Crisanti? “no, I do not know him”. And what do you think of his work? “Look, I think people should be judged by what they say and what they do. If the first steps are to remove masks from hospitals, then let me say: Dear Minister, you understand nothing about public health.” Republican Senator Andrea Crisantia microbiologist at the University of Padua, about Health Minister Orazio Schillaci, speaking with Andrea Locatello and Emma Batcelleri on “The Breakfast Club,” on Radio Capital. To the journalists who followed him, the Professor of Molecular Parasitology at Imperial College London emphasized for the second time: “He understands nothing about public health, because he is a good radiologist.” Today, the obligation to wear protective equipment for doctors in hospitals and RSA is ending. On Rai 3, however, ad agoraChamber Vice President Fabio Rambelli said he was “convinced that the government will not ease its obligation to wear a medical mask, not even within the Republic of South Africa.”

Professor, weren’t you a little excited about Shilachi?

«Eh, but the meaning is that a person who is a doctor understands nothing of public health, and he, moreover, must know exactly what the problems of national health are, if he does not oppose the removal of the mask in hospitals and RSAs. Fortunately, according to what he said this morning from the Rambelli, they are now going to turn around, and it is an honor for them.”

“The government will not relax its obligation to wear medical masks, not even within the RSA,” Fabio Rambelli, vice president of the chamber, said in Agora.

“Yes, that is the trend. The credit for this rethink goes to the new minister, who was able to change his mind after being overshadowed by criticism. But I say: It took Mattarella to say that the epidemic was not defeated? If the President of the Republic is the last barrier, we are new.”

The fact remains that in 2019 Schillaci was appointed rector of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Not really someone who doesn’t understand anything.

“A person who has reached this position is certainly able to manage very complex and complex situations, so he has these skills. I hope you can resist any requests of an ideological nature. In short, under pressure from the majority.

Have you already met the minister?

“No, it has not happened yet. Perhaps at the institutional level the opportunity will arise sooner or later.”

Did you send him a congratulatory letter?

“No, I didn’t know him before, I don’t have the contacts.”

Should we or should we not trust a doctor who greets us without a mask in the office or hospital?

«The doctor who does not wear is wrong, he did not cherish the lesson of the epidemic. In addition to the fact that mask use and hand sanitation have made it possible to reduce what is considered a global epidemic, that is, hospital infections. Italy is one of the countries in the world with the highest infection rate.

Are we still worried about the virus or not?

“We are in equilibrium thanks to vaccines, but we do not know the evolutionary capacity of the virus, to create variants that are able to infect the vaccine. Variants that infect the vaccine have turned out very well, while causing mild disease. But we cannot predict what will happen.”

Do you suggest wearing a mask again, not just in hospitals and RSAs?

“I suggest to vulnerable people to use it again in all dangerous situations, where there are a lot of people. But it’s good if everyone continues to do this on public transport, on trains, in planes, and even in the theatre. It is important not to stigmatize the wearer: they do this for their own safety and the safety of others.”

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