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Italian voice actors’ strike halts foreign films: “Wages from 2008 and unsustainable work rhythms remain”

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the Italian dubbing They crossed their arms. Professionals in the foreign film dubbing industry have launched a week-long strike. From 21 to 28 February. And if they do not receive satisfactory answers from the employers, they are ready to extend the protest for another week. The reasons for the voice actors calling the strike vary. The first, common to many other categories of workers, is a renewal application collective agreementis stuck in 2008. “We don’t even have an iota of Istat adaptation,” he laments today on the pages of Republic Alessio Cigliano, dubbing manager. This situation, the workers explain, has led to stagnant wages, which have remained unchanged for about 15 years. the payrollHowever, it is not the only claim to strike. Among the requests for Italian voice actors, in fact, there are Acknowledging one’s professionalism. And it is a problem that, as Cigliano explains, “you know the disciplines well”, since there are surveys showing that “85% of Italian viewers prefer the dub over the subtitled original”.

The reasons for the strike

Since the agitation began, the Italian voice actors who joined the strike have organized some meetings in the present day Zoom inEvery day from 15 to 17 years old to discuss their allegations and the reasons that prompted them to strike. Among the more honest problems in this category there is also i working rhythms, which – explain some of the voice actors – is becoming increasingly unsustainable due to the proliferation of audiovisual productions. “To run from one studio to another, I took the Rome Ring Road four times a day. Once you have measured it: 170 kilometersall within Rome, ”says Cigliano A Republic. From stuntmen to crew operators, they are there Expired contracts On average for 20 years – he adds Sabine DiMarcoNational Secretary Slc Cgil -. Not to mention categories such as film and television actors who, unlike those who work in the theater, have never had any contracts ».

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