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They will shout their anger –

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Teramo – This is the note from Gradoni’s 16th for next Sunday’s match in Bonoles against the Piano della Lente: “We will be staying outside the Curva gates on Sunday. We anticipated this absurd situation, which institutions created and did not solve, more than ten years ago during the battle to protect the glorious municipal stadium. We have warned everyone that this city does not have a stadium of its own and Bonolis risks becoming a target of extortion from the manager on duty. Today, thanks to those who have always looked after their own interests on the skin of society, we find ourselves hostage to vulgar personalities, local and otherwise, who in addition to staining our sporting history continue to treat the name of Teramo Calcio 1913 as their own priceless heritage of the city, depriving it of the Bonolis system Through dirty games, forcing us to wander away from Teramo. We are tired of this state of affairs and on Sunday we will shout the respect our history deserves. 110 years of history and tradition, we are Teramo Calcio 1913, we want to restore our logo(Cover photo from SoloLecce on the occasion of Lecce-Juventus: it’s a banner raised on the Curva Nord in Lecce).

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