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Hiring Not for Work, Getting Paid Super: Where It Happens and What’s Behind It

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Hiring is not to work and also pay well: the paradox of large companies that has given rise to a new problem.

Who among us has not at least once in his life dreamed of being paid for doing nothing? in great moments pressure Based on difficultyWe all dream of being able to build a simpler life, where we can just do those activities that we love and that we will do for free for life. This is because we are often stuck in jobs that we don’t like just and exclusively so that we can make ends meet and pay bills and daily expenses.

The tech giants paradox: recruitment in anticipation of market demand –

In a perfect world surely each of us would not need to earn and could choose calmly what kind of contribution we want to make to society Community. There will certainly be those who deal with production and those who devote themselves instead to art or other tasks that anticipate creativity as a characteristic. Yes, because in truth no one can spend their entire life doing nothing at all, the ideal is to be able to do whatever one wants without the fear of ending up on the street begging for money.

Unfortunately, we are far from such a perfect system as the one just described and each of us tries to find the job that is as close as possible to our inclinations so as not to suffer too much. Need from work. The contradiction in this economic and practical system is that there are large companies, especially technology companies, where there has been an excess of employment in recent years in anticipation of projects and profits that have not reached the end.

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Hiring is not for work: the paradox of Big Tech

This extraordinary and in some respects paradoxical situation was a result of the pandemic. In the period of the maximum explosion of infections, when there were no vaccines yet, and the closure prevented people from leaving the house in peace, the entire technology sector was acquired, especially the sector related to the production of entertainment content. Increase in business and profits. In order to ride the wave and keep the numbers going, assumptions were made that, once the impact of the pandemic subsided, were proven incorrect.

Dozens of workers set to do nothing: scandal explodes in the US –

The lack of dedicated work led to new recruits signing labor contracts, even very well-paying ones, for jobs for which there was no actual work to do. The question was asked by an investigation before Wall Street Journalwhere the testimonies of several workers who were fired after a paid period of inactivity were collected.

Madeleine Machado, a former Mita employee, told the newspaper the task that she had been hired to do the hiring and that she had been earning $190,000 a month, but it was never used. The problem was that there were too many recruits and not enough work for everyone. A similar situation to the one other employees went through and was summed up perfectly by Brittney Levy: “They were collecting us like Pok√©mon Cards.”

In short, the main problem was that Tech giants hire employees who “anticipate demand” That the market is ready for a potential increase in work and thus not unleash competition. But once demand didn’t arrive, the only thing companies could do to avoid overspending was mass layoffs.

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