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Benato said a creepy rusty hook instead of a right hand, which Peter Pan cut off and fed to the damned crocodile. Long hair dyed black to hide the first gray hair. Captain Hook Peter Pan Wendy, the live-action version of the classic Disney animation, which hits the Disney+ platform from April 28, is a decadent character who is predictably bad and very human at the same time. He is played by Jude Law who at the press conference, without long hair but with a pair of very thick mustaches, explains that he underwent countless and involuntary trials when his eldest son, about 4 years old, went through a manic phase: “It was his daily imposition. It was meant to be Peter Pan, I was Captain Hook. There’s a nickname we introduced into the movie: ‘Codfish’ and it’s a tribute to those games with my son. When he wanted to insult me, he gave me codfish.

The version told by director David Lowery It starts from two control points. The first is the story of the stifling friendship between Peter Pan and Hook. ^ “Neither J.M. Barry’s Peter Pan nor the 1953 animated classic tell the reason for this animosity between Peter Pan and Captain Hook. At some point, enlightenment came to us. What if Peter and Hook were friends to begin with? What if they came together in Neverland to see their paths split into constant resentment and struggle? The rivalry between the two has something primal, in fact. Alexander Moloney, the young English actor who plays Peter Pan, says it is a struggle of two friends who did not want to be separated and are now constantly at war, a war that has reached a point of no return when he cuts off his hand.

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theThe second vantage point concerns Wendy, who becomes the protagonist along with Peter Pan. Wendy has the face of Iver Anderson, very equal to mother Milla Jovovich to create in scenes the effect of time regression very much in line with the themes of the film. “Wendy Darling is a teenager who spends her last night at home before going to college,” says Iver Anderson, “she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t want to grow up.” Peter Pan from the distant Neverland catches the signal and runs, appearing with the fairy Tinker Bell at the window of the Darling brothers and dragging them on an adventure that will lead them to meet the terrible Captain Hook and his pirates, and make friends with the lost children. David Lowery, who wanted to give the story a more contemporary connotation than J.M. Barry’s novel Peter and the 1953 animated classic, explains that the role was very important to give a nuanced aspect to the characters of the story. The novel had illustrations, but it was the movie that secured Peter Pan and company a permanent place in popular culture—reflecting Jude Law—. Captain Hook’s coat is red not because it’s described that way in the book but because that’s how the classic animation of cinema history was given. .

Laurie knows he’s shouldered a lot of responsibility Peter Pan is in everyone’s imagination, one of the jewels of the Disney library. It was not an easy decision to agree to direct this film, but in the end it was a very big opportunity to refuse.” A matter of will to grow, in fact. Peter Pan Wendy It comes out in the year of celebrations for the centenary of the production company founded by Walt Disney. Jude Law adds: “I am so proud to be a part of Disney’s centenary party with this movie. At the same time, I’m happy to give a more modern connotation to a timeless story. Our Peter Pan is a contemporary, an updater, and a savior of today’s world and thought.

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