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What is the best Italian football

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The Viola technician who made Florence dream is a cross between Zeman and Conte. And when he played he looked like Pirlo

Vincenzo Italiano, who will turn 44 on December 10, looks like many coaches but not one in particular, so we can say the Italian is the Italian. This is all the more reason, given that this missing surveyor is the man of the moment: his team Fiorentina forced Milan to the first defeat and relegated, undesirable, unhealthy (by them), but a well-deserved guest, among the so-called “seven” sisters. Not bad. As for the second choice, the work of a former boy who grew up on the hard rock of the Ribeira, Agrigento, but was born, transient, in Karlsruhe, where my father and mother went to visit their parents.He remained bound by his land, his relatives, his friends, and those colors, flavors, and aromas which are found only in Sicily and return as soon as possible. What can, to breathe in some kind of ecological recharge.

Since landing with Vigontina (Vigonza, Padua), the Italian language has always improved. Fiorentina, after their turbulent interval with Gennaro Gattuso, snatched him from Spezia by taking advantage of a release clause. But it wasn’t easy. It was so, Viola paid. A peer staff is also needed. in the players. The Italian as Giovanni Trapattoni, regained (1991) by Juventus versus Dino Baggio at Inter. The life of the bus is a circular journey. The Italian moved from “Eagle Forever” to a private hated by La Spezia. He revealed his love for pesto. Could it be that the lampredotto has been turned on?

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Italian comes from chaos. The irony is that he “graduated” from Supercorso on the same day with Andrea Pirlo, whom they entrusted with the seat of nine-times Italian champions Juventus, without anyone ever seeing him.Not even as a player. On the other hand, the Italian, who was on the cusp of his first Serie A tournament with Spezia, has already earned three promotions to the playoffs, going through five years of excellence to the top of the Italian championship. As a player, says Alberto Malesani who had him at Verona, “he had the same characteristics as Pirlo, the less powerful Pirlo”. For the rest, the same role: “A midfielder who made the team shine, a very good boy and already having remarkable tactical skills as a player.” And now he sees it well in Fiorentina, where Malesani has also become very famous (football, what an occasional): “I’m happy for him, the team has clear ideas; he re-proposed his tried-and-tested system that aims to achieve results through play” . According to Bibi Bergomi, our most outspoken TV commentator, this is not an obsession. “For example, he took turns building from the bottom to the long delay but the most interesting fact is that he is offside more than anyone else, at this moment in Serie A I haven’t seen him in this way for a long time.” In fact, Zdenek Zeman called him his heir. But Italian is not only that. Bergomi analysis: “The team is pushing too hard, risking something. The work of the half-wingers being thrown inside is very important. He doesn’t have eleven bases, he spins a lot, and doesn’t mind changing. The other interesting aspect is that Fiorentina hasn’t changed much, except for Some additions. I remember the coaches before him claiming that with this team we can do no more. He’s a hammer with the players, he cares about everything, he doesn’t give up on anything. He’s like Conte.”

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In his 80-page dissertation (with many pictures, but accompanied by ideas; those of his more famous teammates stopped at 12/15) at Supercorso for coaches, this poorly performing coach—a wandering career burdened by a serious knee injury—, defined the ball as ” His Majesty” and explained well the difference between a footballer and a coach: the second always takes his work home, the famous seat in Conte’s living room. “The coach never pulls the plug, he thinks of his team 24 hours a day.” Mrs. Raffaella, who is known at the age of 18, has two sons, Christian and Ricardo, is surrounded by football frenzy. But she has equipped herself by becoming an “expert who gives me excellent advice in assessing behaviors and attitudes” revealed Italiano in an interview with Paolo Tomaselli (Corriere della Sera).

Compared to Conte, the Italian is less obsessed with (lack of) hair, but other than that he is similar: he does not delegate, he has no intermediaries, he moves in the first person. He loves getting into players’ heads. From the way Fiorentina is moving, it looks like he has succeeded. His motto is “all directors”, that is, everyone must participate in the game, not just midfielders. To illustrate the concept, bad knee permitting, he sometimes gets into a fray during training. Three words: empathy, passion, and engagement that become in the game organization, identity and courage.

The character rigged it on concrete pitches where those who lost came out, so that the fear of having to give up increased the hatred of defeat. “A way to form and grow personality quickly” he defined. During lockdown he studied football by reading biographies and articles of great players and coaches. From his childhood, from his childhood dreams, he kept a good password for every season of his existence: “No limits, only horizons.” He claims that he has not forgotten where he began, that he has not changed, nor does he feel that he has arrived. But it has some steps to climb. Next: “I’ve never played cups before as a footballer, I would like to be their coach.” This is the way.

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