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Sale closed at 14.4 million euros – Corriere.it

Sale closed at 14.4 million euros – Corriere.it
From Lorenzo Nicolaou

Sold during a historic auction dedicated to some historical pieces, the model represented the transition to modern photography on the eve of World War I

there Ica Sold in March 2018 for 2.4 million euros (starting price 400 thousand) will not continue to be the most expensive in the world, because the new auction has far exceeded this record. It is the same line of historical cameras of the well-known German brand, but in this case one Leica 0 with serial number 105 Recorded the highest sales value ever for photographic equipment, reaching an excellent figure of 14.4 million euros. Item purchased within Leitz Photographyica AuctionThe most famous auction of vintage cameras and optical equipment that takes place on a consistent basis twice a year. In mid-June and the end of November, the traditional event will auction some of the most popular models, attracting bidders from over a hundred different countries.

historical model

This collection of cameras is as rare as it is precious to the history of photography because it is the world’s first 35mm camera, a milestone in the evolution and evolution of how this art is understood today. Before the first cameras arrive in the middle twenties of the last centuryso before 1923-24 yearsIt was the renamed Series 0 that marked the turning point between ancient and modern photography. In a limited series obviously, that sample forty It broke the world sales record, due to the increasing difficulty in finding an example belonging to this historical model. In particular, No. 105 is famous because it belongs to Oscar Barnackthe inventor of the Lillliput camera, a model born before the outbreak of First World War. This was the Leica prototype and therefore also the prototype for the 35mm camera as such. Due to his importance in the development of this model, Barnack’s name is still engraved on the top of the 105’s viewfinder.

centenary date

From that golden age to today, Leica has practically played a pioneering role in the history of photography over the decades. Just visit the two branches in Vienna To learn about events that were written and rewritten during the twentieth century, or rather depicted About 1500 different models that decorates today Westbahnstrasse 40in the Austrian capital. This site also houses the world’s largest spare parts warehouse, should any collector need it. An unparalleled assortment also allows you to protect the brand’s memory and historical archetypes.

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