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Mendrisio and Ticino mecas new cinema?

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The “Mendrisio Film Fund”, the first economic incentive fund in Ticino for the audiovisual world, was introduced in recent days. The project, the result of a collaboration between the Ticino Film Commission and the City of Mendrisio, aims to attract film production to the region, and support its economy.

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“A crew that wants to make a film that requests some form of cooperation with the Mendrisio region can now ask for a financial incentive,” explains Nicolo Castelli, director and director of the Ticino Film Commission. Specifically, “If you want to take pictures in Monte San Giorgio or in Piazza alla Valle, but even if you simply decide to allow the crew to stay in a hotel in Mendrisio or take refuge in a restaurant in the city, you can request reimbursement for part of the expenses incurred.” Castelli stresses that the fossils in the region are much higher than what was donated.

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On the other hand, the whole of Ticino has great potential as a filming location, “more in times of an epidemic,” as the Swiss-Italian director identifies. “Today travel has become difficult. Those who come to us will pass from the glacier to the palm trees in a maximum of an hour”, with all the exciting power that such views can evoke in the eyes of the director: “Come to Mendrisioto and you will have the vineyards that you will feel like you are in Tuscany, go up to Basòdino for its glacier (also with comfortable cable car) and then go down to the palm trees of Ascona, where you will feel like you are at sea.” A tempting offer for Swiss and foreign producers as well, who do not want to extricate themselves from the bureaucratic jungle created by many foreign countries.

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