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Field hockey: Lorenzoni-Amiscora, how many feelings! The big match ends 2-2 –

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Race Lorenzoni Amcicura It has always been a race full of competitive spirit and emotions, especially yesterday’s race on Sunday 3 April, which took place in Brazil on the final stage to try, on both sides, to lead the standings on their own.

The rocket start of Cagliari, with an excellent organization of the game, and it was the goalkeeper Alina Fadeeva, the former Amsikurina, who had to resist the numerous enemy raids that occurred with the invasion of a short corner and the realization of Delfina Granato.

The turquoise black came alive by winning two chances by Sofia Buyo and Valentina Giorgi, but it was still Granato who realized the good intrigues of the comrades through the double. At the end of the second half, the Gualtiero Perino girls benefited from an accurate shot by Raquel Huertas, which was used in the first half since she had not fully recovered from a muscle injury.

After the break, the Lorenzoni girls pressed the accelerator not to leave initiatives for Sardinia, a penalty was again taken by Raquel Huertas and from that moment on, Braidesi began to play constantly with more character and attack.

The match became so tense that she scored several cards against the Amsicurin, including red for Granato, but luck was not for the athletes of President Kalonico because their shots in the net stopped at the goalposts and the ball was lost in the net. Empty target.

So, with 2 to 2, both teams are still top of the standings, but that’s more satisfactory for more successful chaser Argentina than AC Milan who still has a game to recover with Amsicora. Next Sunday at home at 15 Lorenzoni – Valverde.

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