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hockey. Manfredonia there

Posted by, Manfredonia, 03/26/2022 – Hockey is about to enter from Porta del Gargano.

delegates Italian Hockey Federation Sent by the President Sergio Minardiin my family Marco Carboni, Renato Sirigu and Paolo Sirigo He was welcomed at Manfredonia by the new regional delegate of the Federation, Giovanni Cotogno. An ambitious project to bring the discipline of hockey to all of Italy’s 107 provinces. The great delegate’s willingness to open up to the Statue Quotidiano pen.

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‘We came with the aim of making Fujia Province The regional hockey capital of Apulia. Our mission is called “Growth and Development” Puglia will be a key stage. Unfortunately, only four teams are actually registered, all under Brindisi. A tradition of more than fifty years. The only reality in the Bari region dates back to the late 1930s with GUF Bari, while in Capitanata it would be an absolute novelty. We know that we are entering a region where football is the undisputed king of all sports, but we never want to take it off its throne. On the contrary, we want to expand the culture of sports and make boys and girls passionate about this system, which is also suitable for all ages (there are tournaments from over 80 to under 12 years old).
It is not widely practiced in Italy, which has a few thousand members, but in countries such as England, the United States, India, the Netherlands, Pakistan and Argentina, it is a widespread sport. It is a very English specialty, in fact the future Queen of England Kate Middleton She was a field hockey player, as she is called in the UK. In the United States, among the most famous women in Kennedy family.

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This highly dynamic system, unlike the more famous or infamous ice hockey, penalizes contact between players and between sticks and favors style. In fact, the first two things children learn are there Safety and discipline. On this last point, the Hockey League is one step ahead of many: they are trying to suppress and punish any kind of useless protest. Proceeds from fines are used in hockey games, because even disabled children should feel part of this family. We are very proud of him.


We have discovered the lands of Manfredonia, in addition to the structures suitable for indoor hockey, whose field sizes and goals are roughly identical to those of futsal, the Sipontine beaches are ideal for the new type of this sport that has taken over for two years, and beach hockey, which we hope to make a demonstration as soon as possible on the beaches of Manfredonia. Thanks to the network activated by our delegate Giovanni Cutugno, we are confident in our ability to enter schools in the region and engage children from all schools. Obviously, it all starts with the teachers. Indeed, our coaches and delegates will be sent to train teachers first and foremost in the grammar, in the technique and then in the teaching of this beautiful sport. We will focus so much on boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 16 that the abandonment of sports occurs in those years specifically.
hardware (batons, balls and sides) The union will provide it for free. There is no specific uniform or shoe, you can play with any sports uniform or with simple sneakers. This will be a huge advantage for the families of the boys, who will not have to pay in any way to be able to play this sport and get them to play this sport which for us has now become a passion of a lifetime. We also hope to see a real hockey team in Manfredonia soon that can compete at high levels.”
After the statements of the federal hockey delegation finally arrived, surprisingly, theSports Consultant Antonio Vitolano. The Siponto board member, who had already learned about the new proposal, expected the programming of three days of pure sport that should take place in our city at the end of May, with beach soccer, beach volleyball and an intense competition in triathlon. Ansar. Chancellor Vitolano gave his readiness to those, in cooperation with the Federation, to include a hockey show in this three-day sporting event, to start this new adventure in the best possible way.

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