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“Without shelters, no offenses, Italy would be in the white zone” –

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From Margherita de Pac

According to the immunologist, “It is unjustified to refuse to prevent Covid disease, which forces the vast majority of Italians to suffer from restrictions.”

“The virus does not give us time to convince the unvaccinated, it works very quickly,” Sergio Abrignani, an immunologist at Milan State University, does not deviate from his line of commitment. Because the Omicron variant is pushed hard, the infection is rising more quickly than expected. While They descended on Germany, three weeks after the lockdown imposed on no Vax.

Let’s start with the data.

The percentage of workers in intensive care is a key factor in changing the color of the regions and disrupting the lives of millions of Italians. Today more than 80% of families are unvaccinated. This is not fair. If the areas go from yellow to orange, and hopefully not red, The responsibility rests largely with those who refused to prevent Covid. In fact, I Data from the College of Health We were told that an unvaccinated 80-year-old had an 85 times higher risk of ending up in intensive care than a vaccinated person. The risk is 13 times higher between 60 and 79 and 6 times higher between 40 and 59. Do we still want to talk about persuasion? “

Most of the 3 million unvaccinated people over the age of 50 are motivated not by ideology but by skepticism. Does all grass make a bundle?

The virus does not distinguish between ideology and frequency. I can understand those who have doubts while I do not justify those in such a critical situation for the country, after two years of the pandemic, Certainty fuels paranoia: Those who say that the vaccine alters DNA and renders it sterile, those who speak of a global conspiracy by big pharmaceutical companies to control peoples, those who claim that Bergamo’s coffins were empty.

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Today you are inflexible, why?

“Is it acceptable that 9 out of 10 Italians have to pay the price for the behavior of a few? Not to mention the economic damage to some groups when regions change color. Is the duty to vaccinate a strict measure? Covid is very difficult ».

Add more numbers.

“If we were all vaccinated, the full occupied beds would be 20-25% of the existing beds, so all of Italy would be white. About 3 millionOf the approximately 50 people who have not been vaccinated, 1.4 million are over the age of 60, which is approximately 8% of the total population of that age. A minority, however, fills the recovery operations and prepares the lives of 92% of those on duty.”

Even a couple of weeks ago, his trusted colleagues didn’t say they were sure of the existence of Omicron It will take place in Italy as well as in South Africa. instead of?

“With this virus, we risk being proven wrong the next day. Omicron has burned times. In Britain, it was estimated that the doubling time for infection with the new variant was three days. It is highly contagious even though fortunately on the vast majority of vaccinated it appears to present with mild flu-like symptoms.”

Israel can recommend the fourth dose for people over 60 years of age who are immunosuppressed and health care workers as early as 4 months after the last recall. They want to anticipate the fifth wave. Is it the stress that you should run?

I don’t know their data. The third dose is part of the classic vaccination scheme used for decades, while a fourth dose should be used when it should be noted that 4-5 months after the booster vaccination it is reinfected. This can happen to Decreased immune memory and I would be surprised if that happens soon. Or the alternative escapes the “old” vaccine, and therefore an updated vaccine must be used.”

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In Italy there is another gender, the tampon sweat. When is it reasonable to take the test?

«First of all, if the law requires it. Then when there are symptoms that indicate a disease similar to Covid. Finally, 4-5 days after contact with the positive person and determining when the positive patient becomes negative. In all other cases, dabbing It is malaise dictated by individual sensitivity and sometimes personal anxiety. Let’s not take advantage of it.”

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