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What are the powerful 155mm M777 howitzers delivered from Canada to Ukraine

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Canada delivered four M777 howitzers to Ukraine, powerful artillery with a range of tens of thousands of kilometers. Here’s how they work.

M777 Howitzer used during a training session in Germany

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The Military assistance To doUkraine To protect against attack Russia They are constantly increasing in number and especially in power; That’s it Volodymyr Zhelensky To say that they are starting to come is “le Weapons are needed“To allies. That includes four Howitzer M777 Issued from CanadaPowerful and versatile 155 mm artillery pieces Can move easily on the battlefield. Capable of hitting targets accurately at distances of tens of thousands of kilometers. The supply of similar weapons to the Ukrainian military is highly debated in Europe and considered a potential risk by military analysts because they are (and are) tools of attack. Kremlin. What are M777 howitzers and how they work.

Canadian soldiers fire M777 howitzers in Afghanistan.  Credit: Wikipedia

Canadian soldiers fire M777 howitzers in Afghanistan. Credit: Wikipedia

What are M777 Howitzers

Howitzers (or OBCs) are powerful pieces of light artillery, a kind of middle ground between the classics Cannon Who shoots exactly and Motor Throws projectiles over a wide parabola. Their history dates back to the 15th century, when it was first used in Bohemia during the war against the Husseins. Some discovered the origins of howitzers in the next century; In fact, they were invented by Paduan Marquis Pio Enia I OBC, from which they derive their name. Over the centuries, howitzers have been perfected, strengthened and made more reliable, becoming the main artillery available to the forces. The M777 is one of the most advanced representatives, entering service in the 2005 line of US Marines. They are manufactured by the Global Combat Systems division of the British company. BAE systems, Europe’s leading security contractor. They have been used extensively in the war in Afghanistan since 2006, and 360,000 bullets were fired. Press release Production company.

How the M777 Howitchers work

The M777 howitzers are the heirs of the M198, whose production began in the late 70s of last century. They are lightweight, versatile and can be easily carried by land, air and sea, but they maintain the same firefighter and the same range. The capacity of the bullets is 155 millimeters, which is the standard for cannons Was born. The weapon weighs 4,200 kilograms compared to the 7,154 of the older M198s, while the length is 10.7 meters (only 5.08 meters per barrel). The M777s are made of titanium and aluminum alloys, which increase their reliability. They can burn four rounds per minute (maximum 2 minutes) during “intense” fire and twice per minute over “constant” fire. The range of action is good 24.7 km Without help and More than 30 km With help. This gives a good idea of ​​why they are the most popular weapon for Ukraine, which can defend itself against Russian attacks at considerable distances.

“Moscow is almost unarmed, Putin will seek a ceasefire”: Russian military analyst Lucin

On the road the M777 howitzers can reach a top speed of 88 kilometers per hour, and can be towed by a 2.5-tonne truck and a large number of military vehicles such as the M800 and M900. They are also easily transported by aerial vehicles such as the C-130 Hercules and the CH47D Chinook helicopters. There is one on the M777 Fire control system Digital type that allows Betting And Find out Quickly target; It takes less than 3 minutes to set up and has five operators to load the shot and fire. Howitzer may even be armed GPS-guided ammunition (Similar to the M982 Excalibur) which significantly increases accuracy. There are different versions of the M777, with various upgrades to improve the range and accuracy of the target system. Canada had a total of 39 howitzers of this type; Four were awarded to Ukraine.

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