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In Canada, a car sank in a frozen river and took a selfie

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A woman decided to destroy the accident by speeding on the frozen surface of the river. The car was removed from the waterway about a week later

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Drive in the snow first regardless of the dangers. Then by a selfie the potter is immortal. Halfway through the gruesome and ridiculous story took place in Canada on January 16th, and saw a woman as the protagonist who came behind the wheel of her yellow Zion DC and decided to experience the dangers of driving on the frozen river Rydo. Despite the danger, he chose the deformed surface, as evidenced by a security camera, until he collapsed under the weight of his car.


If the woman’s behavior had already been irresponsible, what happened after her car sank is even more surprising in a negative sense. In fact, the driver fortunately got out of the car, but did not move from there. Instead, he climbed on top of the sinking vehicle and took a selfie, an immortal feat. But, what happened did not escape the passers-by. And his action had significant consequences.


The woman was reportedly rescued by a rescue team in a kayak Ctv News Ottawa. Now he will have to deal with a charge of dangerous maneuvering on a vehicle by police. Also, the vehicle is in a position to further complicate the driver’s situation, which posed a further risk to those approaching the lake before being removed from the ice a week after the crime was committed. The real disaster, born to enjoy some fun and take a selfie, is unforgettable to say the least.

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