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L’Aquila, “Canada”: The Multifunctional Center will reopen soon

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Atch: “Immediate reliability release, it will be a strategy for the city again”

After a year of quiet and tiring waiting, the multifunctional center “Canada”, managed by the Right to Education (ADSU) organization, donated by Canada in the aftermath of the earthquake, will reopen.

It is now The release of the procedure is immediate.

In this regard, in recent days, a number of controversies have arisen, and there has been a confrontation between the Board of Directors Director Sarah Sekala and the Chairperson of ADSU. Eleana Morgante.

The center, which is managed by ADSU, is owned by the municipal organization. In tests carried out in early 2021, it was found that the structure did not have a certificate of definitive authenticity, so the director, with a note dated March 26, sent it to the mayor and heritage department of the capital, Abruzzo, Pierloki Byondi. The municipal administration demanded an immediate solution to the problem.

On October 29, the Eolo Student Union announced some important news in a post: “Following our requests to ADSU these days for the reopening of the ‘Canada’ Multipurpose Center in Capito, we met with President Elena Morgante and Vice President Antonio Pensa, for an operational review: President , Vice President, Municipal Councilor Daniel Ferrella and L’Aquila, who worked in practice and the technical experts of the municipality. .

A “false story” Sarah Sekala, Atchu Board Member.

To date, the process, which aims to gain concrete access, is ready to be released to the organization responsible for managing the structure.

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