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Canada: Full-time candy taster needed

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Who saw the Tim Burton movie? Chocolate factory He dreamed of finding himself in the role of little Charlie at least once in his life. We are sure that all adults and children will love to walk through the gates of a factory that manufactures chocolates, candies and all kinds of sweets. What if we say that this wish will come true? Alas, however, our country does not know much about gastronomic tastes. It is inside Canada it’s aConfectionery CompanyThe Candy FunhousePublished on Linkedin A Employment Advertisement Very interesting and well paid.

A company called Toronto Looking for someone to fill the role of Chief Confectionery Officer. An all-ages (from five years) placement aimed at those who want to become authentic A master confectioner, that is, an expert in tasting and evaluating candies, chocolate, biscuits, licorice and various sweets. It may sound like a joke, yes, but apparently it’s all true.

Before starting his career, the candidate should follow Training course (at the company’s expense) in the world of candy. For those already in the know, it’s as easy as drinking a glass of water. The only drawback – if we want to call it that – is that this proposal will be one Work on Smartworking. But I must say that the salary will be good $100,000 per year (Approx 80,000 Euros), it will definitely help you forget the disappointment of not being able to see the production of many benefits with your eyes. In fact, it took a few days for the brand to collect multiple applications. But don’t worry, if you are interested in moving to Canada, there is still some time for such a special task: The deadline is August 31. What about requirements? Not many: one Unbridled craving for sweets It is a Good knowledge of English and French. But where did such a strange idea come from? In these summer days, the company is already preparing for the party Halloween, its most important sales period. This is where the need arose to find a new professional who would taste the candies in production. In Italy, the job is still missing. Who knows, you might not want to look for new employees who specialize in tasting even for brands like Ferrero or the Mulino Bianco?

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