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Theater and science in reading “The Life and Genius of Maria Sklodowska Curie” in Genoa

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Genoa. On Wednesday, January 31, at 5pm in the Aquarium Hall, the Friends of the Aquarium will host a new meeting on contemporary theater and science. Professor Angela Zeno, Professor of Visualization of Scenic Space, and Researcher Gaia Leandri, expert in architecture and neuroscience, will introduce the topic, then leave room for the theatrical reading “Radioactivity: Feminine, Singular – The Life and Genius of Maria Sklodowska Curie”, curated by the students of ilFalcone – Teatro Universitario di Genova, with concept, adaptation and direction by Zinno herself.

A journey into the life, intuition and discoveries of the Polish scientist who contributed significantly to the development of cognitive progress. The voices of a woman, a mother, and an indefatigable researcher come together in a concert on stage, revealing their strength and nuance through a course of contingent and internal events. In their introduction, the speakers will address the creative process, which is a complex phenomenon, based on scene writing and the relationships between the artist, the creative process, the activity of his mind, the represented project, and the mind of the observer through investigations conducted in the field of neuroscience.

The appointment will conclude the course “The effects of science in our lives”, created in collaboration with Costa Edutainment and the University of Genoa.

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