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“I Believe in God and Science” / “Extraterrestrial Beings Exist”

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Amalia Ercole FenziA scientist renamed “Lady Comets” gave an interview to the Corriere della Sera microphones, during which she revisited the milestones of her life and career and also addressed some of the “uncomfortable” issues of one of her caliber specialists. First of all, she was the first woman to graduate in Aeronautical Engineering in Italy: “I was fine – he said proudly –. In 1956 I was the most beautiful maturity From Italy, complete with a letter from Education Minister Paolo Rossi. I entered polytechnic that fall, and my father made the mistake of letting me choose. I was studying for passion. I read a lot.

there passion for math “I’ve had it since I was a kid and it’s great, because it’s a universal language: 2 plus 2 equals 4 for us and for the Japanese”While commitments to hard work did not prevent her from having five children and caring for them: “When they were young, I held them in my arms and luckily they slept at night. They are about the same age. Sometimes I would put them on the table with my feet dangling and feed them by spoonful from one to the other. I had peeled thousands of apples and ate so many peels that he had no idea “.

Amalia Ercole Fenzi: “Faith and Science? The two councils of Benissimo are two different worlds”

How does Amalia Ercole Fenzi reconcile faith and science? The answer she still gives in the Corriere della Sera: “They are two different worlds. Science is the world of logic and experimentation, and Wedding ring It is the transcendent world. In my case, faith is a form of humility: do not think that we know everything, but say that the good God protects us. What will happen when I die? I don’t know, there are no telescopes to look beyond. But when I get there, not so much given my age, I have a lot of questions to ask. My feeling of transcendence contributes to my happiness: I speak every day with the Eternal Father. We don’t always agree, but in the end he decides”.

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And what about aliens? There is? Amalia Ercole Fenzi has no doubts: “Of course! Don’t tell him UFO With antennas, but statistically there are other forms of life. There are billions of galaxies in the universe, billions of stars, billions of planets… Do you want there to be no other kind of life? The problem is another: with the knowledge we have, especially in physics, which puts us under the constraints of the speed of light, we will never be able to contact one of these intelligent civilizations, because they are so far away.”.

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