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Tennis Canada receives green light from health officials

Tennis Canada receives green light from health officials

Ends 2021. After a Leisure season Lightning, however, tested some tennis players (including Nadal) positively on the Govt-19 when they returned from Abu Dhabi (Benzek and Zaber). The tennis machine is ready to restart around the world, Omigran variant allows and always adheres to, adheres to proper prudence and health ethics.

So, Who will light up the colors of the new season? We will find out soon. But in the meantime let’s do something The quick overview of ABC for the women’s season is over, A kind of ‘recap’ of heroes from A to Z, in the truest sense of the word …

Come to Azarenka

Never underestimate a champion. The former world No. 1 and two-time Grand Slam winner was delighted to reach the final stage of important events. In Indian Wells, where she has already won twice (2012 and 2016), despite losing the final against Paula Badosa, she joins her opponent and gives life to the most exciting women’s match. Year (7 -6 2-6 7-6 for Spaniards). Azarenka performed even better in 2020, winning in Cincinnati and competing in his fifth major final at Flushing Meadows.

B eats party, pensik, podosa

The sympathetic Australian made his second slam mark (after Roland Carros 2019) by winning at Wimbledon, becoming the first Australian to win the championship after Evon Golagong (1981). Moreover, it completes the year confirming its first global status. Ashley is definitely the undisputed champion of 2021.

Then there is Belinda. The 24-year-old from Flaville made history by winning a gold medal in the singles category in Tokyo, becoming the second Swiss tennis player to win gold in the singles category after Marc Rosette (1992) (both men and women).

Paula Badosa is one of the best expressions Of the season. He won two titles (Belgrade and Indian Wells, the first Spanish to win the ‘1000’ in California), a Grand Slam for the first time (Roland Garros) and advanced to the semifinals of the WTA final. Guadalajara, through which he entered the top 10 places.

C to Camila

In this magical year for the Italian game, we will remember him too Wonderful exploitation by Camila Giorgi. In addition to Sinner, Berettini, Soneko and Musetti, the Maserati tennis player also holds a record. He deserves his explosive tennis by winning the ‘1000’ tournament for the first time in Montreal, Defeated Carolina Bliskova in the final for the third time this year. A perfect week for Camila, she plays a sinless and incredible tennis, Becoming the second Italian tennis player in history to win this type of tournament after Flavia Bennett (Indian Wells 2014), sometimes unable to play.

T came Donna Vegick

Finally, Donna. The handsome Croatian is back to winning a match after four years of ups and downs. He breaks the ice in Italy, in the first edition of ‘250’ in Gormaur, Rediscovering status, rhythm and energy and following up with Danish Clara Dawson, one of the most exciting opportunities in the international female scene.

And like Elena Svitolina

Yes, Elena. For the personal and emotional sphere, 2021 will be a year for the 27-year-old from Odessa; In the summer she finally marries her boyfriend Gale Monfils. However, on the tennis courts, it’s the year of dim colors as Svitolina fails all goals, and misses the opportunity to bring out that sparkle and personality that often distinguishes her even off the court.. He had only one title (‘250 ‘in Chicago) and the quarter-finals at the US Open were stopped by Fernandez’s exposure, leaving him in the top 10. A tennis must be restarted in 2021 with the necessary determination. January.

F cum Fernandez

It’s correct Leila Fernandez is one of the best stories of 2021. Canadian teenage, one of many women who immigrated, is a success story thanks to passion, sacrifice and talent. A fairytale trip to Leela Winning his first match at Monterrey and playing sFirst Slam final in New York Along with other teenager Emma Radukanu who charmed the tennis world.

G eats Guadalajara

He discussed the choice of venue for the WTA finals. In fact Guadalajara was a temporary choice and an alternative to the head office in Shenzhen. The epidemic has really forced drastic changes and after the event was canceled in China, the women’s year-end Masters moved to Mexico. This selection raised some confusion mainly due to the height and consequently the choice of balls played in the matches. It is noteworthy that the world number one Ashley lost the party at this event.

H come Hsieh

The evergreen Su-Wei Hsi is always desirable and successful. Taiwanese tennis player wins doubles title Won third title at Wimbledon (fourth slam seal of his life) Paired with Mertens. Always with Ellis, he also wins in Indian Wells, finishing 31st in the doubles category. In addition, at age 35, he was promoted to the quarterfinals of the Major (Australian Open) singles division.

J wa Jabir

Ans Jabiur’s talent illuminates tennis courts, Especially English weeds. The Tunisian tennis player became the first Arab player to win the WTA title (Birmingham), the Grand Slam (Australian Open 2020 and Wimbledon 2021), raising himself twice in the ‘1000’ semifinals. Indian Wells) and must enter the top 10 places. Unfortunately, on Monday, on his return from Abu Dhabi, he announced that he was suffering from Govt disease. We hope he recovers in time for the Australian Open tour.

Q Come Barbora Krezzhikova

Barbora also showcases her talents in the singles category, In the land of Paris. The best artist of the duo, he had incredible success in Paris, defeating a new Nastya Pavluchenkova in the final. Not only that. In Paris, he also won doubles with Siniakova. The two also won titles at the Australian Open, Olympic gold in Tokyo and the WTA finals in Guadalajara. It’s been a wonderful year for Kryzhikova, who climbed to N.5 in the world rankings (he is also N.3). A win.

M. like Mukurusa and Mauresmo

The former n was a lucrative year. 1st and 2nd Grand Slam champion in the world Garbiñe Muguruza But, above all, we need to create the final of the season by winning the WTA final in Guadalajara. The first season of N.3 in the world ends.

Amelie’s Wonderful World. Yes, because after the great victories of the past (first world level, two Grand Slam titles, one Masters win and 25 career titles) the French champion. Roland Garros became the first woman in charge from Guy Fork. Chapeau.

Or like Osaka

A season Lights and shadows For the Japanese champion. After winning her fourth Grand Slam in Melbourne, Naomi announced that she did not want to attend press conferences in Paris. The controversy erupted and he was confiscated a few days later. He reveals he suffers from depression and leaves Wimbledon. After all, he participated in the Tokyo Olympics (he lost to Vondrosova in the third round) and became the first tennis player in history to carry the Olympic torch. Now everyone is waiting for him in Melbourne, hoping he finds a worthy peace.

P. Pavljuchenkova, Bliskova E Peng Shuai

One Come back At the age of twenty-nine, it was almost unexpected for Nastia to make her first Grand Slam final appearance at Roland Garros. Carolina, on the other hand, is playing in her second final at Wimbledon (defeated by Party) after New York 2016.

Know the end of the season Triste Storia de Peng Shuai. The thirty-five-year-old former Grand Slam champion and former N1 specialty in the doubles division has gone missing after a member of the Chinese government reported violence on social media. So Peng’s case explodes, Which is very worrying; Tennis players, athletes, journalists and political figures from all over the world are mobilized for protection. Later in some videos Shuai reappears and portrays his version, but the situation continues to worry, and one continues to fear for his freedom and security. WTA CEO Steve Simon has repeatedly asked the Chinese government in vain for clarity on the player’s well-being and safety, and has finally decided to cancel all tour events in China, showing the best glamor and personality.

R. as Radukanu

Surprise of the year. Emma (who gets a wild card) already shining at Wimbledon Hurricane in New York, Defeat all enemies without losing a single set. At the age of eighteen, a beautiful English woman born to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother in Canada He won three qualifying rounds and had seven wins in the main draw. There has never been such an exploitation between men and women in a Grand Slam! Another young man entering history, another citizen of the world, is a symbol of inclusive sports and perseverance.

S. like Chakari and Sabalenga

A The Power of Nature Maria Zachary. Daughter of art like Stefanos Tsitsipas (his mother was former tennis player Angeliki Kanellopoulou) The first Greek of the Open era to lift himself twice in the semifinals of the Grand Slam (Roland Kros and US Open), qualified for the final Masters of the Year and entered the top 10. He finished 6th that year in the rankings.

Arena Sabalenga, one of the most consistent tennis players of 2021. Belarus ends the year in second world status. However, he did not make a big impact in the Grand Slam tournament, where he was twice eliminated in the semifinals (Wimbledon and US Open). Qualified for the WTA Final.

D cum Dawson

Clara Dawson has one of the most interesting promises of all time. At the age of nineteen, his talent really manifests itself in 2021 winning three titles (two WTA 250s and one 125k) and the final was held in Goremeur (defeated by Vekikal).

Like the W Williams sisters

It has been a somewhat disabled year for tennis and the most popular and longtime sisters of tennis and the sport. This is a difficult season for Serena (40). The only significant result was the semi-final in Melbourne. Since then, physical problems and injuries have pushed her off the pitch and into the top 40 in the rankings. One year without success in the field for Venus (born in 1980), it surpassed the level of N.300. However, the Williams sisters are still two undisputed queens of tennis and business, and with their father, Richard – who coached them from an early age and inflated their talents – Celebrated on Life history “King Richard” was recently released in theaters, starring Will Smith as Richard Williams. Whatever happens is a victory for them.


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